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Waste Not
Uber and Goodwill Partner to Make Spring Cleaning Simple and Easy

Spring cleaning this year just got a little easier: On Saturday, May 2nd, donating old clothes will be a breeze thanks to a partnership between Goodwill and Uber. Donors can open the Uber app on Saturday, select the GIVE option at the bottom of the screen and request a pickup for their donations to be delivered directly to their local Goodwill, free of charge.

This is the first time Goodwill and Uber have partnered on a full-scale, nationwide campaign to combine the power of donating with the convenience of ordering a ride. The partnership is available in more than 50 cities across the United States and Sao Paulo, Brazil where both Uber and Goodwill operate.

The Details:

  • All clothing must be bagged for drivers to accept donations.
  • Drivers will arrive at requested pickup locations. Donors are responsible for bringing bags outside, as drivers cannot leave their vehicles unattended.
  • For those who have already completed their spring cleaning and donations, or live in areas where Uber isn’t available, monetary donations can be made to Goodwill at

“This innovative and exciting partnership demonstrates Uber’s commitment to local communities on a national and international scale,” said Kim Zimmer, chief marketing officer and SVP of global development of Goodwill Industries International. “This collaboration has made Spring cleaning and donating an easy task, while ensuring that clothing is not only diverted from landfills, but also goes toward supporting efforts to put people back to work.”

Goodwill will use the revenue from the donations sold in its retail stores to help fund job placement and training programs in the communities where the goods are donated. In 2013 alone, Goodwill provided services to more than 9.8 million people.

“Both Uber and Goodwill strive to make a meaningful impact on local communities, and we are thrilled to once again team up with Goodwill to make donating fast and easy for Uber users,” said David Plouffe, SVP of Policy and Strategy at Uber. “Those who participate in this campaign are not only checking something off their to-do list, but supporting Goodwill and its mission to strengthen communities by providing job placement and training for people in need."

This isn't the first Goodwill partnership aimed at keeping clothing out of landfills: In November, the non-profit teamed up with Levi's and the San Francisco 49ers for a "Field of Jeans" donation drive.