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The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

Coalition of CEOs Endorses Economic Roadmap for Sustainable Post-COVID Recovery

In an open letter, the group of 14 CEOs calls on governments to accelerate such a transition by recognizing and supporting purpose-first business as an emerging fourth sector of the economy.

Going Green (and Blue): Three Lessons Learned from a Circular Partnership

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. As CHEP and Ice River Springs have worked together in pursuit of a stronger circular economy, we’ve learned a number of lessons. We want to share a few with you, in hopes that they’ll spark inspiration for your own operations.

$16T Investor Network Develops First-Ever Framework for Net-Zero Investing

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. The Net Zero Investment Framework aims to maximize investor contribution to decarbonization of global economy, helping keep rise in global temperatures below 1.5°C.

New Lending Industry Alliance to Bolster Underserved Communities

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Two longtime players in small-business lending and empowering low-income communities are joining forces to scale up equitable wealth creation in communities of color.

Global Maker Challenge Finalists Tackling Food, Trade, Justice, Circularity

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. This year’s global challenges centered around four themes: Sustainable and Healthy Food for All, Climate Change/Circular Economy, Innovation for Inclusive Trade, and Innovation for Peace and Justice.

New Guide to Help Travel Businesses Decarbonize During the Pandemic

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. Carbon-neutral travel giant Intrepid Travel aims to assist others in rebuilding responsibly, for a more sustainable return to tourism.

Could the Great American Outdoors Act Lead to Equitable Access to Nature?

Finally, something both parties can agree on — the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act is not only a beacon of hope for preservation of the US’ national parks, it could help ensure that the entire country has access to the restorative power of nature.

Young Innovators Compete on Ideas to Build Back Better in Latin America

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. UNEP’s Innovation for Sustainable Lifestyles Competition sees college-level entrepreneurs developing solutions in the areas of transportation, building and food to help the region rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

WEF: 395M New Jobs by 2030 If Businesses Prioritize Nature

As governments and businesses look to rebuilding the global economy post-pandemic, a new study from the World Economic Forum (WEF) has found that ‘nature-positive’ solutions can create 395 million jobs by 2030.

CSR v CSV: The Difference and Why It Matters

Cross-Posted from Business Case. Creating Shared Value (CSV) is the business model that will accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. It's a game-changing shift from Corporate Social Responsibility and the traditional mindset that business can either do good OR make a profit, to a model that can improve the world.

From What to How: Enter the Era of Transformation

Cross-Posted from Leadership. With a goal of contributing to change and understanding how COVID-19 will influence sustainable development; at Quiero, we have undertaken an ambitious project: #aBetterWay — a search for answers from our global community of leaders based on reflection, learning and action.

The COVID Covenant: Don’t Go Back — Go Big and Go Now!

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. We know that we can buy less, use less, work from home, drive less, collaborate more; and have business, society and government move faster — because we just did all of that. How can we respond as powerfully and courageously to other super-critical threats?

Kering Commits to Net-Positive Impact on Biodiversity by 2025

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. The luxury group’s new biodiversity strategy provides a detailed roadmap aligned with the Science Based Targets Network’s Framework, with four stages: Avoid, Reduce, Restore and Regenerate, and Transform.

Regenerative Agriculture the Linchpin for a Sustainable Fashion Future

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. New report reveals how emulating nature’s lessons in the fashion industry can enhance ecosystems to boost biodiversity, build soil, support communities, and clean up existing pollution.

Impact Investing Grows, But There’s Still a Long Road to Financial Inclusion

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. More funds and firms are targeting financially underserved communities, but the impact investing movement and government funding need to be more accessible and intentional to address systemic inequalities and racial disparities in investing.

Caremongering: The Future of Sustainable Enterprise

COVID-19 accelerated a shift from “me” to “we”; and a new trend called "caremongering" not only characterizes people's behavior towards each other, but what they look for in the companies they support. At Fjord, we believe those companies designing with the benefit of all life in mind will thrive now and in the decade ahead.

HP Sets Ambitious Plastic Goals, Doubles Down on Diversity Commitments

Along with the release of its 2019 Sustainable Impact Report, the tech giant has set bold goals around reduction of single-use plastics and increasing recycled materials; and committed to doubling its number of Black executives by 2025.

How to Redesign Our Food System for Resilience

At the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s recent Big Food Workshop, a variety of experts from throughout the food space spoke on the need to radically redesign for circularity and regionalism, to help us heal our broken global food system.

Small Fashion Brands Throw Collective Weight Behind Circular Fashion Pledge

Over 110 small and medium-sized apparel brands from around the world have signed on to the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge, with actionable steps to make circular fashion an industry-wide reality.

Circularity, Human Rights, Regeneration Pillars of Natura & Co’s 2030 ‘Commitment to Life’ Strategy

“We are confident that we will be able to reach these targets by 2030, but we are ambitious to get there sooner; because that is what the planet needs and what our consumers are asking for.” — Christopher Davis, The Body Shop


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