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The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

Welcome to the Era of Regenerative Finance

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. While few funders have fully realized the regenerative finance vision, a growing community of financial activists is applying its core practices in initiatives that show how we can use capital as a flexible, purpose-driven tool to create healthy and equitable social and environmental systems.

Perspectives from the Food Waste Trenches

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Food waste is catalyzing everyone in the food, waste and recycling industries to create new solutions and best practices to convert a negative into value for the environment and for business. Here are insights from some food industry leaders about efforts to reduce waste first, then recycle what cannot be eliminated.

More Corporate Giants Join Forces to Improve, Scale Business Investments in Climate Solutions

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Amazon, Disney, Google and Netflix are among the founding companies behind the Business Alliance for Scaling Climate Solutions (BASCS), to increase the scale and impact of business investment in climate solutions.

Doconomy Now Shows Users Water-Impact Data for Every Purchase

The first-of-its-kind direct measure of our everyday consumption’s water impacts — thanks to data from S&P Global Trucost — aims to create a greater consumer understanding of the importance of water locally, nationally and globally.

How the UK Is Promoting ‘Social Value’ Through Its Public-Sector Procurement Process

When organisations start measuring performance beyond the balance sheet, we can make real progress on our most pressing social issues. The UK Government's new procurement policy could provide a model for other countries to move closer to a more sustainable and equitable world.

How Brands Can Help Reshape Post-COVID Public Life to Maximize People, Planet Health

In a recent webinar, representatives from PepsiCo, Vail Resorts and William & Mary shared lessons learned from preparing for our 'next normal.'

Local or Global Supply Chains: What's Best for Achieving Regeneration?

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. This journey requires a collective intelligence and a fundamental shift in mindset: a new way of thinking in which ‘global,’ ‘regional’ and ‘local’ are no longer in opposition. It also comes with a new challenge to generate ‘scale’ with positive impacts.

Efforts to Achieve the SDGs Are Revitalizing Communities in Japan and Beyond

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. This year’s International Forum on SDGs for Regional Revitalization examined the acceleration of sustainable development initiatives in and outside Japan, through corporate and government cooperation, and the positive ripple effects on communities around the world. 

HSBC, WRI, WWF Partner to Scale Next-Generation Climate Solutions

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. The US$100M initiative builds on the organizations’ individual efforts to accelerate a shift to a net-zero global economy.

As Travel Resumes, So Does Focus on Decarbonization of Aviation

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. After a lengthy pause, tourism stands on the precipice of restarting again. But even as many travelers prepare to take to the open skies, aviation continues to grapple with its oversized carbon footprint compared with the rest of the industry.

Amidst Industry Boom, Brands Find More Sustainable Solutions to eCommerce Logistics

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. From rethinking sourcing to shipping, here are some of the key carbon- and waste-reducing strategies brands big and small are using to better balance sustainability and business goals.

Report: US Health Costs from Climate Change, Fossil Fuel Pollution Top $820B a Year

Cross-Posted from Business Case. New NRDC report synthesizes dozens of scientific research papers and is among the first to tally a broad financial toll on public health from climate-change-driven extreme weather, unprecedented heat waves, spikes in air pollution and a rise in vector-borne diseases.

Second Life: Are Consumers Really Ready for a Circular Shopping Economy?

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. In GlobeScan’s 2020 survey of global consumers, 74% said they agree that they need to consume less to preserve the environment for future generations. But opinions are mixed when it comes to shopping secondhand, renting or leasing items — pointing to the persistence of that pesky intention-action gap.

How to Empower the Next, Diverse Generation of Inventors

For those who cultivate innovation and invention, it is our responsibility to provide opportunity for those historically marginalized. Our society must take the harsh realizations uncovered by the pandemic and use them to fuel ambition and drive, to ensure access and opportunity for every student.

Atlanta’s Food Forest Pioneering Potential Solution to Urban Food Deserts

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. The Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill caters to one of 35 food-insecure communities in Georgia’s capital — and provides a scalable model for other cities to begin to address this all-too-common systemic inequity in US cities.

The Mountain Ahead: Surveying the Path to Carbon Negative

We are at the very beginning of the most challenging leg of the climate journey; many companies have yet to commit to zeroing out their emissions. Still, a few at the cutting edge are responding to the call for a higher bar to be set and are staking their reputations on achieving it. 

A Path for Small Businesses to Achieve Climate Neutrality

The climate crisis is waiting for no one; and the choices we make over the next few years will determine the world we create for ourselves and for future generations. We can and must succeed — and SMEs have a critical role in ensuring that we do.

Trending: The North Face, Timberland, Vans Scaling Regenerative Supply Chains

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Three of VF Corporation’s top outdoor apparel brands have committed to bold goals around circularity and scaling regenerative ag practices — including having all of their top materials be recycled, regenerative or renewable by 2025.

The Luxury Consumer, Sustainability and Social Responsibility: It’s Complicated

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Whether environmental or social, luxury brands *will* have to contend with issues related to corporate social responsibility — it’s in the zeitgeist. “Being your best self” is the essence of luxury. Values and purpose are thus luxury essentials, not just nice-to-haves.

Intrepid Travel Offers 40+ Decarbonized Tours Amid Tourism’s Recovery

The world’s largest B Corp travel company has introduced 42 new, low-carbon alternative tours. The move is part of a wider decarbonization plan that includes removing all flights under 90 minutes from the top 50 trips, where possible, by the end of 2022.


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