Redefine "just business" at the SB'20 Just Brands virtual conference on August 18-19.

The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

4 Ways Your Brand Can Deliver ‘The Good Life’ to Consumers in 2017

Every business leader wants consumers to think of their company as an essential ingredient in building a better life, yet the very definition of what constitutes the ‘Good Life’ changes over time.

Re-Teck Harnesses C2C Business Model to Revolutionize Tech, Slash E-Waste

As circular business models begin to gain steam, a new strategic service is helping companies in the technology, electronics and telecom sectors uncover new ways to reuse, remanufacture and recover technological devices, while simultaneously turning costs into profits.

Creating the Win-Win: How Startups, NGOs and Global Brands Are Planting Seeds for 'The Good Economy'

It was standing room only on Tuesday at Buenos Aires’ MALBA modern art museum, for the second of two ‘InFocus’ events this year by the Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires team. Last month’s event at MALBA presented “Good to the Core” as a collective construction that can be achieved when all of society’s stakeholders work together to achieve it.

‘The More You Sell, the Better You Make the World’: How Brands Can Create ‘The Good Economy’

Translated from Spanish — view original interview here. As more and more companies around the world realize the myriad benefits of “doing good” – to their reputations as well as to their bottom line, we’ve seen a surge of feel-good campaigns and initiatives aimed at engaging conscientious consumers. But are brands going far enough?

AVs, Shared Mobility, IoT to Shape Future Urban Mobility, Says New McKinsey Report

Urban mobility is undergoing a dramatic transformation with the emergence of new technology and transportation services. The pace and extent of this transformation will vary from city to city and depends largely on factors such as density, household income, the state of existing infrastructure, pollution and congestion levels, as well as local governance capabilities.

British Standards Institute Officially Launches BS8001 Circular Economy Standard

After months of waiting, the British Standards Institute (BSI) has finally launched BS8001, the world’s first standard for implementing circular economy principles.

Trending: Europe, China Roll Out Regulations to Create Safe, Responsible Sharing Economy

At this stage in the game, there’s no stopping the sharing economy, but organizations and government in the UK and China are working to create a safer, more responsible space that allows consumers, businesses and investors to fully take advantage of its benefits through the rolling out of greater regulation. Back in 2016, UK trade body Sharing Economy UK (SEUK) launched its TrustSeal — the world’s first kitemark for the sharing economy in an effort to make the industry a safer space for consumers.

Ellen MacArthur, H&M, Nike Challenge Take-Make-Dispose Model with New Circular Fibres Initiative

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation continues to drive forward the circular economy agenda with the launch of a new initiative that brings together key industry stakeholders, including C&A Foundation, H&M, Nike Inc,

Closed Loop Foundation Gears Up to Boost Circular Economy Investment with New Research Initiative

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. In an effort to boost capital investments geared towards recycling infrastructure and the development of the development of the circular economy, the Closed Loop Foundation has launched a new research initiative.

In Finland, the Circular Economy Goes Mainstream

Poised as a leader in the transition to a circular economy, Finland is living up to expectations with businesses finding new uses for wood pulp and doughnut fryer fat.

The Recycling Partnership: How We’re Fixing a Broken System

This is the third in a three-part series from The Recycling Partnership on collaborating to drive effective engagement – and action – around recycling. Read part one about recycling’s potential and impact and part two about the circular economy. Q: What is recycling?

Buying Secondhand Saves 16.3M Tons of CO2 Per Year, According to New Report

How much pollution can potentially be saved annually through secondhand trade if each used product replaces the production of a new one? That is the question Schibsted Media Group set out to answer in its second edition of The Second Hand Effect.

London Driving UK Forward Towards Low-Carbon, Circular Future

While the future environmental regulation in the UK remains in the balance following the implementation of Article 50, London continues to push forward towards a sustainable future.

Can a Country Become a Sustainable Brand? Why Wales Is Up for the Challenge

“We hope that what Wales is doing today, the world will do tomorrow.” In 2015 Nikhil Seth, a leading UN representative, hailed the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Act as a pioneering piece of legislation, saying it captured the essence of two decades’ worth of UN work in the field of sustainable development.

While Scotland Flourishes, Red Tape Puts the Brakes on Circular Economy in the UK

With UK Prime Minister Theresa May putting Article 50 into effect, many questions have arisen in regards to the UK’s sustainability agenda. Uncertainty exists about whether the economic powerhouse and EU defector will adhere to the ambitious goals laid out by its counterparts on the continent or if it will take a more reserved approach to the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. But even if the UK decides to continue pushing an ambitious agenda, deeply rooted politics and red tape could prove problematic for progress.

New Study Cites Sustainability as Top Priority for Millennial Workforce

At this stage in the game, a company’s performance in regards to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues strongly influences its value in the eyes of investors. But such matters are increasingly becoming important considerations for the millennial workforce too.

The Love Economy: Fixing the Economic Jenga That Greed Built

I recently had the honor of speaking on the TEDx stage. In my talk, I asked: “Can we build an economy that isn’t built on greed? Is it possible to build an economy that is additive, not depletive?” I believe we can, and I believe the Sustainable Brands community has a leading role in re-constructing our current economy and building one with a much stronger, more durable and more evenly distributed foundation. This blog summarizes the message I gave in my TEDx talk.

Report Explores Myriad Circular Economy Benefits for Built Environment

Discussion surrounding circular business models (CBMs) is often focused on manufacturing, packaging and consumer goods, where significant change is already underway, yet closed-loop systems have the potential revolutionize the built environment.

England’s New Open Water Market Slated to Add £200M to UK Economy

England’s Open Water market officially launched on Saturday, April 1st, opening up new economic opportunities worth around £200 million for a wide range of players.

Closing the Water Infrastructure Gap Could Save the U.S. Economy $94 Billion

A new study by the International Renewable Energy Agency has made a convincing case for transitioning to a low-carbon economy, demonstrating how embracing renewable energy could result in economic gains of $19 trillion and the creation of six million new jobs. Now, a report by the U.S. Water Alliance has revealed how closing the water infrastructure funding gap could give the US economy a major boost.


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