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New Metrics

The new and evolving metrics that are helping expand the way businesses create, quantify, manage and report their impacts, and the value they deliver.

Transformational Goals in Corporate Strategy: A Review of the ESG Goals of 50 Global Companies

Transformational ESG goals seek to make changes across companies’ entire value chain and even society. But in a recent review of 50 of the Fortune 250 companies, incremental ESG goals are still the norm.

New Alliance Creating Metric for Assessing Companies’ Real Value to Society

Alliance founded by eight international companies — including BASF, Deutsche Bank and SAP — to create a standard for measuring and disclosing the real value companies provide to society.

The Most Critical Sustainability Metric of the Year, and the Decade

I hope that by now we are more than clear on what we can and need to do about our dwindling carbon budget. If you are not thinking ‘science-based targets’, you really need to catch up — keep reading.

Barry Callebaut, Unilever Pilot New Platform to Monitor Sustainability in Ag Supply Chains

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. By piloting the Equivalency Module with US farmers, Barry Callebaut and Unilever now benefit from streamlined sustainability assessment.

Q&A: A Practical Guide to Science-Based Targets

Cross-Posted from Business Case. Many companies are intrigued about setting science-based targets, yet are unsure about what this means in practice. So, we spoke to South Pole's Charles Henderson to learn more.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition Launches Tech Venture to Scale Higg Index

Higg Co. will provide the trusted technology industry needs to be able to implement the Higg Index at scale; while the SAC will continue to focus on driving sustainability measurement and improvements in the apparel, footwear and textile industry.

JetBlue, Nature Conservancy Using AI to Evaluate Impact of Ecosystems on Tourism

With 65% of the Caribbean’s reefs generating tourism dollars, the study reveals an opportunity for tourism-associated businesses — such as cruise lines, airlines and hotels — to work together to protect the region’s environmental health.

Goals with Impact: How to Set the Next Generation of Sustainability Goals

***With scores of companies embracing science-based climate targets, we look at what it takes to set these goals and apply the approach to the biggest environmental and social risks across the business.***

A New Approach to Materiality: Backcasting to Prioritize What Really Matters

**It's time for a *reverse* materiality assessment — rather than trying to divine what matters most by forecasting from the unsustainable present, we must prioritize by back-casting from the sustainable future.**

The World’s First Data Visualization of Product Carbon Footprints

***By generating carbon-intensity data for each product, CoClear was able to identify industry trends, as well as track product performance improvements along value chains.***

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark: How Do I Start?

***Look at it as a tool with which to solve the underlying puzzles posed by the sustainability challenge.***

New Guide Will Empower Banks to Quickly Assess Natural Capital Risk

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. **New step-by-step guide from Natural Capital Finance Alliance builds on launch of web-based tool, ENCORE, in November.**