Jeremy Osborn

Jeremy Osborn is Founder and CEO of Juneswift — a NYC-based environmental impact marketing and communications agency. Jeremy has more than 20 years of professional experience spanning sustainability, technology, marketing and communications, governance, and strategy. He holds an MA in Resources, Environment, and Sustainability from the University of British Columbia and has worked for leading brands in a wide range of industries and sectors — including food and ag, consumer goods, built environment, industrial manufacturing, energy, finance, transportation, and more. An explorer and a universalist at heart, Jeremy is passionate about the creative potential that exists at the boundaries of disparate domains of knowledge and experience.

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Could This Upcycled Sugar Company Help Solve the Obesity and Biodiversity Crises?
Could This Upcycled Sugar Company Help Solve the Obesity and Biodiversity Crises?

Product, Service & Design Innovation / Supplant breaks down typically wasted agricultural fiber into its signature product, Sugars from Fiber — an entirely new category of sugars, which performs like sugar in the kitchen while retaining the nutritional properties of fiber, and mitigating the impacts of one of the world’s most environmentally destructive crops. - 5 months ago

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