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Maria Julia Oliva

Deputy Director
Union for Ethical Biotrade

Maria Julia Oliva is Deputy Director of the Union of Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), where she has worked since 2009. She is a trained lawyer and a global expert on access and benefit sharing (ABS) of genetic resources. She provides training and technical support on legal and policy issues linked to innovation and sourcing of biodiversity; and collaborates with international organizations, governments and companies.

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Cosmetics Brands Leading Big Shift on Biodiversity
Cosmetics Brands Leading Big Shift on Biodiversity

Supply Chain / A new report reveals the top 10 lessons learned by a group of more than 50 leaders in the cosmetics, food and personal care industries that source with respect for people and biodiversity. - 1 year ago

Nature Your Inspiration for a New Product? Wait a Minute …
Nature Your Inspiration for a New Product? Wait a Minute …

Product, Service & Design Innovation / The rise of natural health products and cosmetics has set off a flurry of research and development to discover the next great breakthrough for skin care or for specialized foods that provide an energy boost when you need it most. From shampoos and natural medicines to herbal teas and healthy spreadable fats, Earth’s biodiversity is providing the inspiration for a growing number of consumer goods. What began as luxury products for high-end shoppers have now gone more mainstream, as ingredient-savvy consumers look to natural alternatives in our chemically saturated stores. - 3 years ago

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