Tamay Kiper

Associate Director, Member & Advisory Services
Sustainable Brands

I'm committed to optimizing human potential and tapping into the immense power of nature to find solutions.

I believe nature has all the answers and with the right tools and resources, everyone and every organization is capable of unleashing their full potential to create good in the world.

I’m a systems thinker with progressive experience in overseeing and managing sustainability-related programs, assessing environmental and social risks, aligning sustainability with strategic direction, creating social impact for businesses and integrating sustainability into the core business through various channels.

My mission is to increase awareness about environmental and social issues, help people understand the consequences of their actions, guide them to better consumption models and inspire behavior change.

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Urban Barrels: Giving Sails, and Local Manufacturing, a Second Life
Urban Barrels: Giving Sails, and Local Manufacturing, a Second Life

Waste Not / As humans, the number of problems we have created and must solve in the world can feel overwhelming at times. But if we all picked one thing and did our best to solve it, we would collectively make a tremendous impact. As a sailor and a sustainability enthusiast, I’ve always assumed old sails would go to landfill at their end of life. So, I was excited to discover Urban Barrels, a Southern California startup working locally to find a solution to this little-known problem by turning old sails into hats, bags and other products. I met with founder John Paul “JP” MacDonell to learn more. - 2 years ago

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