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Peace Boat's Ecoship to Bring Sustainability to the High Seas in 2020

Sustainable isn’t a word often used to describe the cruise industry, which has historically received less than stellar grades for its environmental performance (although there have been signs of improvement). But Peace Boat, an NGO working to promote peace, human rights, sustainable development and respect for the environment, has unveiled a new ship worthy of the descriptor. Designed in partnership with Oliver Design, Ecoship aims to bring sustainability to the high seas starting in 2020.

The ship sets out to challenge the industry status quo by using sustainable technology and biomimetic design to enhance energy and resource efficiency. In addition to a closed-loop water system and a whale-inspired hydrodynamic hull, the ship will be fitted with retractable photovoltaic sails, 750 kilowatts of solar power generation, kinetic floors and 10 retractable wind generators.


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