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What Better Time for Companies to Demonstrate Their Purpose?

During this time of crisis, it becomes self-evident that the Sustainable Brands™ community will provide the leadership and optimism our communities need. Collectively, we were built for this moment.

If your company wants to demonstrate that you ‘Stand Together With Your Community’ by donating to nonprofits through Phin, we will in turn donate 100% of our service fees through April 30 to one of our featured causes.

Originally, this article was intended to introduce the concept of a Customer-Advised Fund™, and present the case that there are 10,000 reasons/10,000 ways to engage your customers and demonstrate your purpose.

It is best, however, to put that aside for this month and instead take up the challenge that Sustainable Brands founder and CEO KoAnn Skrzyniarz wrote in her recent open letter, Leadership – Now, More Than Ever:

“While the seas ahead will undoubtedly be bumpy, we see a future full of joy and delight. It will not create itself, however. It’s up to us to be the leaders that will make it happen.”

Phin is a young company — a startup in the best sense of the word. And while some may consider our youth a liability, we consider it a strength — thanks to the steadfast backing of stakeholders including our team, investors, clients, partners, family and friends that have helped bring Phin to life. As part of the B Corp community, we are powered by the ethos to ‘use business as a force for good.’

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We could choose to hunker down and try to weather the storm. But we choose not to.

Instead, we find ourselves in the unique position to show the leadership that KoAnn is calling for. We may be small; but we will have an outsized impact, relative to our size. Our very business, in fact, is to help companies prove their purpose — to help companies demonstrate, in an honest and undeniable way: ‘‘We stand together with our community.”

And that is now our mission, to shout from the mountaintop, as courageous optimists: “We stand together.”

You can read here how we intend to do that, but the short version is simple: There is no more urgent time for brave companies to support their community, especially the charitable organizations that will be on the frontlines of this crisis and those charities that may be forgotten; so, the Phin team and our investors are doubling down and will charge into the breach. The stronger we become, the more impact we create. We accept the mission with which KoAnn has challenged us.

We invite anyone that wants to take the pledge to stand together with our community to click here; and we will instantly grant you a $10 sponsored donation to donate to one of our featured causes.

Further, we invite any company in the Sustainable Brands community to join forces with us. It is more important than ever for companies to demonstrate that they 'stand together with our community.' Phin is a social good relationship-marketing platform. We help companies create and nurture impactful 1:1 relationships with their customers and partners through sponsored donations to community causes. You fund donations; customers choose the cause. We will manage a Customer-Advised Fund™ and provide the guidance to design a customer outreach program that demonstrates your commitment to your community.

In return for your participation, Phin will donate 100% of revenue generated through April 30th to one of our featured causes. You choose the cause; we pay the donation.

Phin is proud to be a part of the Sustainable Brands community. As courageous optimists, we were all built for this moment. #WeStandTogether