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Evolving Our Inner Game:
How to Lead by Example, Defy Cynics and Inspire Active Collaborators

This week’s theme of Redefining the Good Life resonated in the Monday afternoon workshop with John Marshall Roberts of Worldview Thinking. Roberts described how the shadow of a limited frame of reference based on past learnings and experiences can cause us to be frame locked – seeking external validation and learning to “live with lack.”

“You need to give voice to the unspoken yearning - inspire to action,“ Roberts stated. He was quick to point out that your inner game doesn’t need external validation – that this was a look inward that requires willingness to set out and stand for something.

Roberts’ L.U.C.K. sequence provides some guidance on how to evolve our inner game and emerge from the shadows.

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- Listen for Inspiration

  • Understand Resistance
  • Call to Imagine
  • Keep Listening

Step one asks the participant to Listen for inspiration. Ask yourself: Who are you? What do you stand for? Why does it matter? Roberts challenged everyone to look inward to clarify their “one simple thing” in one simple statement by being authentic, having a purpose and desire to contribute, knowing what you want and being grounded in facts of the present. This step is tied to the concept of authority – an internal authority with the power to create and reframe.

Step two requires an Understanding of resistance. This requires the ability to observe the offense without identifying with it, otherwise you will simply respond with an attack. We’ve all heard of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes; this is asking you to take a cognitive perspective from someone else’s viewpoint. This step is tied to the concept of resonance – listening for worldviews in order to define frame locks and identifying the topics that will resonate or align and release from frame lock.

Step three is a Call to imagine new possibilities. Roberts cautioned that trust has to do with action and you may not be ready to share your vision. You may need to revisit step two, several times, and understand what resistance is causing the hesitation. Once you are ready, you can escape past limitations and take action.

Step four reminds us to Keep listening. Continue to question what you know. This may even require revisiting earlier steps and reframing or clarifying your vision.

Those interested in diving deeper into the psychological layers should check out Roberts’ book, The Voice Code: Master Your Inner Game.


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