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GE Launches Platform to Explore Tools, Trends in Water Reuse, Energy Efficiency

GE Water & Process Technologies recently launched UsedtoUseful, a new platform that explores the impact of water reuse on industrial and municipal sectors. The site shares industry insight and discusses interesting concepts surrounding the impact of water reuse on industrial and municipal sectors.

UsedtoUseful focuses on water reuse, tough-to-treat water, energy efficiency, and monitoring through interesting articles, original content, and water stories from around the globe in a non-commercial way.

The new platform “allows [GE] to be non-commercially focused and allows us to provide expertise and some information to our customers about the industry,” GE Water & Process Technologies Global Communications Leader, Patricia Garofolo, said in the site’s launch video.

Garofolo goes on to say that UsedtoUseful is meant for exploring industry trends and information, distinguishing it from other resources such as, which focuses more on products and services. Ultimately, GE Water & Process Technologies works to enable business partners to meet increasing water demands and population needs, overcome scarcity challenges, enhance their environmental stewardship and comply with regulatory requirements.

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UsedtoUseful takes a broad look at the world of wastewater treatment and technology, acting as a channel to discover the latest efforts in a variety of sectors. Posts range from measuring water purity to evaluating public opinion to the latest policy developments.

Between turning wastewater to biogas, helping breweries save water, fridges that can filter pharmaceuticals from your water and “smart” air-conditioners, GE has reaped over $28 billion from research and development of sustainable technologies.

Water risks are at the forefront of the sustainability conversation, topping the World Economic Forum’s list of biggest societal risks in its 2015 Global Risks report. In November, CDP announced that two-thirds of the world's largest companies were reporting exposure to water risk that could generate a substantive change in their business, operations or revenue. BASF, Cisco, H&M, Diageo, Merck and Unilever are among the companies that have committed to evaluating how water, or lack thereof, impacts growth strategies.


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