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Miller Lite, Dr. Eric Cervini Spotlight 10 Iconic Queer Bars in New Guidebook, 'Beers & Queer History'

The book is the latest addition to Miller Lite's Open & Proud program, which works with the Equality Federation to help make the 55K bars across the US that serve Miller Lite more welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community by the end of 2022.

Following its pre-order launch during LGBTQ+ History Month in October 2021 and just ahead of Pride Month 2022, Miller Lite and author and queer historian Dr. Eric Cervini are now releasing physical copies of the new guidebook, Beers and Queer History — which explores the little-known stories of 10 iconic queer bars throughout history. From New York City to San Francisco and many places in between, the book gives a historical perspective to some of the US’ most treasured queer spaces, both past and present:

  • The White Horse Inn (Oakland, Calif.)

  • The Chicken Hut (Washington D.C.)

  • Black Cat Cafe (San Francisco)

  • The Stonewall Inn (NYC)

  • Julius' (NYC)

  • Black Cat Tavern (Los Angeles)

  • Rusty's (Philadelphia)

  • Jeffery Pub (Chicago)

  • Club One (Savannah, Georgia)

  • Panic Bar (Lincoln, Neb.).

The guide features original illustrations from Miller Lite and historical context from Cervini, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and celebrated LGBTQ+ historian. In development of this guide, Cervini carefully selected each bar based on the significant role it played in either queer history or the local LGBTQ+ community it serves. These stories highlight the bar's contributions, as well as the important queer figures at their center — such as Marsha P. Johnson at the Stonewall Inn and The Lady Chablis at Club One.

"It was thrilling as a historian to get an opportunity to dive into the stories of one of my favorite topics, historical queer spaces," Cervini says. "I'm honored to share these stories in partnership with Miller Lite, as queer history so often goes unshared with mainstream society."

Beers and Queer History is Miller Lite's latest addition to its Open & Proud program, which supports the LGBTQ+ community through a multi-year partnership with the Equality Federation — to help make the 55,000 bars across the country that serve Miller Lite become more welcoming of the LGBTQ+ community by the end of 2022. Over the last year, Miller Lite has hosted town-hall-style forums across the US, compiling the learnings from these sessions into a comprehensive training guide for bars, restaurants and venues to 'walk the walk' of authentic inclusivity. In 2022, Miller Lite will donate an additional $200,000 to Equality Federation to support its network of state-based organizations focused on LGBTQ+ community advocacy.

"Miller Lite is one of America's favorite beers; and while our fans can expect us to show up in many different ways throughout the year, our 'Open & Proud' initiative is one that is close to our hearts," said Sofia Colucci, VP of marketing at Miller Family of Brands. "We hope the release of this guidebook and its crucial lessons will inspire people to be more inclusive, to learn and to share their own authentic stories."

Diversity, equity and inclusion have become table stakes in holistic sustainability and purpose strategies, so companies must go beyond the performative to show their authentic support for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. Creating truly open and inclusive work cultures and increasing queer representation in brand communications are just the beginning; global companies hold immense power as shapers of more equitable places, prosperity and even policy. And, while rainbow logos and products proliferate in June, companies should use their clout to continue driving real impact for LGBTQIA+ people throughout the year. For these brands, statements and symbols of support for the community are welcomed when backed by action; and for many, action is both ongoing and embedded into their corporate purpose through commitments, platforms and programs, internal policy and community involvement.


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