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Toyota Launches Initiative To Drive Environmental Awareness In U.S. Hispanic Community

Toyota has announced a program aimed at promoting environmental awareness in the Hispanic communities in Miami and Los Angeles while also providing the tools to continue on the path of going green.

To help implement the initiative, the car company says it has brought on several notable Hispanic influencers, including Jon Secada, Chloe Bridges, Julian Gil, Candela Ferro, Ana Flores, Omar Germenos, Daniel Elbittar, Yarel Ramos, Gina Rodriguez and Diana Franco. These influencers will record their daily lives driving their Toyota Priuses, which the Hispanic community can follow via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The company hopes this will result in building interest in sustainability as well as helping people to learn how to lead greener lifestyles.

“Partnering with Toyota was a natural fit because the company’s commitment to environment echoes my own personal beliefs,” said singer/songwriter Secada. “I’m excited to join the brand in encouraging the Hispanic community to continue to embrace a greener lifestyle.”
The program will feature the Toyota Prius family of vehicles and their eco-friendly hybrid technology. Over the past twelve years, Toyota claims U.S. Prius owners have saved enough fuel to drive around the Earth almost 2,903,557 times.

“Together with these influencers we aim to further our shared mission to increase awareness of sustainability in the Hispanic community,” said David Chung, national manager, targeted advertising and strategy for Toyota.
Last year, Toyota earned the number one spot in the 2012 Best Global Green Brands, which examines the gap that exists between corporate environmental practices and consumer perception of those practices.

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