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Press Release
Announcing the All-Star Lineup of Authors Speaking at SB Brand-Led Culture Change Conference

Hear from pioneering authors shaping the future of marketing, sustainability, and leadership, offering actionable insights for driving impactful change.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2024 – Sustainable Brands® (SB) is proud to unveil a stellar roster of book authors who will be sharing their insights and expertise at SB Brand-Led Culture Change 2024 conference, running May 8-10 in Minneapolis, MN. With a diverse range of backgrounds and topics, these authors represent the cutting edge of thought leadership in marketing, sustainability, leadership, and cultural intelligence.

Dr. Marcus Collins, PhD, author of "For the Culture: The Power Behind What We Buy, What We Do, and Who We Want to Be," will bring his unparalleled experience in spearheading digital strategy for global brands to elucidate how culture drives behavior and inspires change.

Dr. Anastasia Kārkliņa Gabriel, PhD, author of "Cultural Intelligence for Marketers: Building an Inclusive Marketing Strategy," will delve into the imperative for brands to not only reflect but actively shape cultural norms and values through meaningful marketing initiatives.

Lola Bakare, author of "Responsible Marketing: How to Create an Authentic and Inclusive Marketing Strategy," will guide attendees through the process of building responsible and inclusive marketing strategies that drive growth while championing social responsibility.

Navigating the Complexity of Corporate Political Responsibility in 2024

Join us as Elizabeth Doty, director of the Erb Institute's Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce, shares Principles for Corporate Political Responsibility and how to use these non-partisan principles to weigh decisions and articulate positions in an environment of distrust — Thurs, May 9, at Brand-Led Culture Change.

Daniel Aronson, author of "The Value of Values: How Leaders Can Grow Their Businesses and Enhance Their Careers by Doing the Right Thing," will showcase how aligning business initiatives with core values not only enhances profitability but also fosters positive societal impact.

Khalilah Olokunola, author of "Do Recruit: How to Find and Keep Great People," will revolutionize traditional recruitment strategies, emphasizing the importance of investing in individuals and nurturing talent for long-term success.

Simon Mainwaring, author of "Lead With We: The Business Revolution That Will Save Our Future," will present a compelling blueprint for businesses to pivot towards a purpose-driven model that serves both humanity and the planet.

Freya Williams, author of "Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses," will reveal the strategies employed by leading sustainable companies to achieve both financial success and positive social impact.

John C. Havens, author of "Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines," will discuss solutions to the social isolation crisis rooted in restoring and regenerating social connection.

Chris Coulter, author of "The Sustainable Business Handbook: A Guide to Becoming More Innovative, Resilient, and Successful," will share new insights into customer preferences, behaviors and reactions to sustainability-centric value propositions.

Rafal Ohme, author of "Emo Sapiens: Harmony of Emotions & Reason," will offer invaluable insights into the interplay between emotions and reason, empowering attendees to harness the power of both in their personal and professional lives.

"We are thrilled to welcome these esteemed authors to our SB Brand-Led Culture Change conference," said Dimitar Vlahov, Global Director of Knowledge & Insights at Sustainable Brands. "Their collective expertise will provide attendees with actionable strategies, insights and inspiration to drive meaningful change within their spheres of influence."

Register now to participate and take advantage of pricing discounts available through April 7th. Sponsorship and Press Partnership opportunities are now available for those looking to meaningfully contribute to a shift in the future of commerce. For more information about attending or sponsoring SB Brand-Led Culture Change 2024 please visit the conference website. For general press inquiries and credential requests, please visit our Media Center.

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