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Braskem plans initiatives to promote the Circular Economy

Braskem, the Americas’ largest resin producer and the world’s leading biopolymer producer, has defined a series of global initiatives to boost the Circular Economy in the production chain of manufactured plastic goods.

“We are firmly committed to the goal of helping to transform the linear economy into a Circular Economy, effectively demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development,” said Fernando Musa, Braskem’s CEO. “By establishing a series of global initiatives, engaging in voluntary commitments and expressing publicly its global positioning for the Circular Economy, Braskem is inviting clients, its partners in the value chain, its Team Members and society in general to intensify their joint quest for innovative and sustainable solutions using plastic.”

Entitled “Braskem’s Positioning for the Circular Economy,” the document establishes initiatives for forging partnerships with clients to conceive new products that will extend and facilitate the recycling and reuse of plastic packaging, especially single-use packaging. It also establishes higher investments in new resins derived from renewable resources, such as Green Plastic made from sugar cane, and support for new technologies, business models and systems for collecting, picking, recycling and recovering materials.

The initiatives also include encouraging consumers to get involved in recycling programs through educational actions on conscientious consumerism, the use of life cycle assessment tools and support for actions that improve solid waste management to prevent the disposal of debris in the oceans.

In addition to these initiatives, Braskem also has undertaken a voluntary commitment to adopt best practices for further reducing the loss of pellets (the raw material used to make plastic packaging) in its industrial processes by 2020, and has joined industry commitments to work towards having all plastic packaging reused, recycled or recovered by 2040.

Braskem also undertakes to report on the progress made in these initiatives in its annual report.

“Plastic plays a critical role in sustainable development because it prevents waste and increases efficiency in various sectors of the economy, such as agriculture and the auto industry. It is a material that contributes to food safety and hospital hygiene and that is part of people’s daily lives through its many different applications,” said Fernando Musa. “When incorporated into the circular economy, its potential for generating benefits with lower impact is further expanded.”

To learn about “Braskem’s Positioning on the Circular Economy,” go to:


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