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Press Release
Heineken Wins Nudging For Good Award

Heineken has won the Excellence Award Health & Wellbeing at the first ‘Nudging For Good’ Award Ceremony for This One Is On Us. A ‘Nudge for Good’ is how a brand, on the basis of consumer insights, makes it easy and desirable for people to change behavior or habits and adopt healthier and/or more sustainable ones.

In total, 41 case studies were submitted by 22 companies for these first Nudging for Good Awards, held by European Brand Association AIM and its national associations. This One Is On Us is the outcome of Heineken®’s Talent Lab, a hothouse of innovation in our Amsterdam HQ attended by top young creative minds from all over the world. Their challenge was to come up with an idea that would make moderation cool and inspire the millennial generation to drink responsibly.

Launched at the Holland Heineken House at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the idea was brilliantly simple: we gave guests a complementary cup that fitted neatly on the neck of their beer bottle. They could then fill it with water from a beer-style tap at the bar – on us.

The Nudging for Good jury celebrated This One Is On Us, calling it a great case to encourage responsible drinking habits. It was also very well received by stakeholders. The recyclable, re-usable cups will now roll out globally, starting with each Heineken office, then at Heineken® events and in likeminded venues worldwide.

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