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Press Release
Playfully exploring the SDGs:
SAP counts on gamification

IT-company SAP counts on gamification to make employees, customers and partners more familiar with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its new “Wheel of Purpose”. Gamification means applying game-typical elements to a context that has little to do with games to raise motivation and joy for educational content.

In line with its vision and purpose to help the world run better and improve people’s lives, SAP is committed to the SDGs and leveraging the framework to align its sustainable business strategy. Partnerships with customers, public organizations and NGOs to work towards developing and scaling solutions to achieve the SDGs are one key pillar of the company’s SDG engagement. Increasing awareness of the goals and inspiring others to contribute is another. Using a mix of storytelling, statistics and videos, SAP published the web book “SAP & UN Global Goals” and the free massive open online course on openSAP “Sustainability through Digital Transformation” to showcase examples of how companies of different sizes can leverage the enabling power of IT.

The “Wheel of Purpose” is the next step, adding a new approach. It inspired by a wheel of fortune and represents the 17 SDGs. By virtually spinning the wheel, users are presented with quiz questions on each of the goals. For questions to which the users don’t know the answer to right away, they can check out the interactive web book “SAP & UN Global Goals” which provides further information on the goals.


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