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Transparency Clearly Benefits Everyone

Too much information? It depends on the circumstances… No doubt, listening to the deeply intimate confessions of a stranger can make people uncomfortable. But when it comes to corporations, getting all the facts and details is never too much – it’s called transparency.

Feared by most businesses, often done in a timid fashion, and rarely offered in an open-book manner, transparency is defined as operating in a way that makes it easy for others to see what actions are performed.

Rolland is a firm believer in transparency. It’s all there in our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study, which examines our paper’s life from raw materials extraction through manufacturing, distribution and disposal.

An LCA provides scientific proof behind the manufacturing of our products. Measuring and revealing the environmental impacts of our processes help us develop sustainability programs and make decisions that affect long-term results for our business and our customers.

Adapted to avoid information overload

Engaging Consumers on the Scope 3 Emissions Journey

Hear from Kohler, Logitech, Procter & Gamble and Visa as they share lessons learned from each company's efforts to bring consumers along on their sustainability journeys to address Scope 3 emissions and make impact at scale — at SB'22 San Diego.

Communicating a complex scientific topic is always an interesting challenge. We have organized our message and content in a way that most individuals can easily understand the findings. To stay true to our transparency commitment, we go further with a detailed technical report for those who are truly passionate about LCAs.

Five years after releasing our first LCA, we’ve noted many paper companies doing their own, but very few publish them. Big claims are only weakened with no backbone. However, the response to our LCA from the peer-review panel confirms we’re on the right track: “The overall quality of this LCA study is very high… The report reflects Rolland’s commitment to true sustainability.”

Proof and integrity

We don’t have to make empty claims about our processes and products because the facts are supported with proof and our integrity is backed by transparency. When customers are asking for even more data, the too-much-information claim no longer applies.

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