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SHFT and BBMG Join Forces to Create Branded Content Offering

BBMG and SHFT are joining forces to announce a new branded content offering for organizations aiming to reach and engage Aspirational consumers, a fast-growing consumer segment that cares about looking good, feeling good and doing good.

Combining BBMG’s consumer insights and brand-building expertise with SHFT’s creative and production capacity and the lifestyle platform, the partnership offers a powerful new approach to developing and delivering original branded content designed to disrupt and delight. The new initiative launches with an impressive roster of clients, including Sprint and Recyclebank.

“Culturally sustainability is reaching a tipping point as it shifts from obligation to desire, from doing the right thing to doing the cool thing,” said Mitch Baranowski, co-founder and chief creative officer of BBMG. “Both SHFT and BBMG are predicated on the idea that the sustainable imperative is good for business.”

“What’s great about this partnership is that it leverages BBMG’s strategic experience with SHFT’s consumer-facing brand to create game-changing programming that will help forward-thinking brands reach and engage their audiences in bold new ways,” added SHFT co-founder and film producer Peter Glatzer.

“With we’ve always maintained that our content needs to be authentic, entertaining and inspiring,” said Adrian Grenier, actor-filmmaker and SHFT co-founder. “It can’t be didactic or altruistic. And in today’s mobile, multi-screen universe where TV consumption is on a real decline, content has to show up in new formats where this consumer lives, works and plays. Working with BBMG, we’ll create content that is shareable and fun.”

What distinguishes this new offering?

  • Brand-driven: No content for content’s sake. All concepts and programming ideas are designed to extend brands in authentic and meaningful ways.

  • Consumer-driven: All concepts leverage BBMG’s proprietary consumer insights and SHFT’s original content platform to entertain and delight a brand’s target audiences.

  • Original and multi-platform: Whether scripted narratives, feature-length or short documentary series, all content is designed to be original and portable across channels (mobile, digital, broadcast), leveraging the team’s unique relationships with A-list talent, studios, production companies and technology firms.

“It’s a new era of content creation and content marketing,” said Baranowski. “By listening and co-creating with aspirational consumers, by using the brand to generate authentic concepts and by leveraging the platform, we’ll be able to help our client partners increase their engagement rates, improve their core brand equities and move the cultural needle a notch forward.”


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