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Follow the growing amount of collaborative work — cross-functional, cross-sector, pre-competitive and more — bringing about massive, disruptive, needed shifts to business as usual.

Q&A: Why Partnerships Are Essential for Delivering Circular Packaging for the Food Industry

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. While flexible packaging plays an important role in keeping food fresher longer, it has long been difficult to recycle. Designing more recyclable flexible packaging from the start and determining a better end-of-life process for current materials is a vital step in reducing food waste.

New Program Aims to Expand Plastic Film Recycling Capacity in US

The joint effort from WM and Dow aims to provide a solution to make it easier for households to recycle the film while the companies explore new options to reuse it. When fully implemented, the program is expected to prevent 120,000 tons of plastic film from reaching landfills each year.

IBM Collaborates to Accelerate Clean Energy Transition for Vulnerable Populations Around the World

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. The second cohort of the IBM Sustainability Accelerator comprises five organizations helping marginalized communities get just and equitable access to sustainable energy resources around the world.

Outdoor Drinkware Brands Join Forces to Drive Supply Chain Sustainability

Klean Kanteen, MiiR, Stanley and YETI have partnered to reduce emissions and establish science-based targets across their manufacturing supply chains.

‘If I Knew, I Would’: Why Brands Must Partner for Change at Scale

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. COVID reshaped our capacity for collaborative change. We saw that, when people had the right information, they would act accordingly. We must help people understand how to participate in the sustainable economy and what their impact can be. Even more, we must change social norms so that people feel compelled to opt in.

WWF, Ørsted Partner to Develop Offshore Wind Farms That Enhance Ocean Biodiversity

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. The unique partnership aims to advance offshore wind deployment that enhances ocean biodiversity, and drive a global shift towards addressing both climate and biodiversity goals.

Accelerating Circularity Requires Creating a Viable Marketplace for Advanced Recycling

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. A circular plastics supply chain is still in its infancy. So, how do we work together to create a viable marketplace for advanced recycling to thrive? Here are a few strategies and approaches that show early promise.

Are We on the Path to Systemic Change … or to Something Only Slightly Better?

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. This week at SB’22 San Diego, over 1K sustainability practitioners have converged to share insights, tools, inspiration and opportunities for collaboration with the goal of building a regenerative future for all. Here, we hear highlights from our day two keynotes, which centered around resurfacing past lessons to propel us forward.

The Sum of Small Efforts: Engaging Suppliers to Ensure Brand Plastic Reduction

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Whether the priority is to reduce the plastic in packaging, increase the recycled content or just figure out where to start, it all begins with opening up a dialogue with suppliers. That is exactly what one major US retailer did when it sought to re-energise its plastics and packaging pledge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making the Dream Work: Equipping Suppliers for the Climate Action Journey

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. A collaborative, network approach is helping global companies meet their suppliers where they are and ensure they have the resources and know-how to rise to growing imperatives to reduce climate impacts.

How Caesars Entertainment Drastically Augmented its ESG Impact

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. ‘Job purposing’ is making meaningful contributions to others or societal causes as part of regular work. Caesars showed that helping its sales and conventions departments job purpose was a promising pathway to dramatically augmenting its ESG work — and, thus, its positive societal impact.

Seeking Better Progress Toward Sustainability? Consider a Business Collaboration

No matter where your company is in its sustainability journey, the sooner it joins or initiates a collaboration with industry peers, the better. This guide should be in every sustainability professional’s back pocket when defining an ESG strategy.

Why Partnerships with Nonprofits Are Key to a More Sustainable Future

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. Dow is leading the charge in materials science, but we can’t do that science in a box without thinking about communities and the people within them. Nonprofit partnerships help us dig to the root of the most pressing problems in sustainability, find the best solutions and gain public buy-in to create real impact.

Carbon Trust Teams Up with Tech Giants to Tackle Climate Impact of Connected Devices

The group will develop the industry’s first specification for measuring, accounting for and decarbonizing the emissions associated with consumer use of connected devices.

Trending: Industry Continues to Arm Itself in War on Plastic Waste

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. A new accelerator from the US Plastics Pact aims to catalyze broader adoption of reusable and refillable packaging options, while an upskilling program from rePurpose Global aims to help sustainability leaders more effectively tackle plastic pollution.

On Advances Circular Ambitions with Industry-First Shoe Made from Carbon Emissions

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. The Swiss sports brand has created a supply chain coalition with LanzaTech, Borealis and Technip Energies to transform captured carbon into running shoes.

Green Sports Alliance Launches Playbook to Help Sports Venues Divert Food Waste from Landfills

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Venues with proper composting infrastructure can utilize the playbook to prevent plastic and organic waste from accumulating in landfills. Future editions will further explore how to expand venue logistics to implement comprehensive zero-waste programs.

Clif Bar’s Clif Corps Partners with Venus Williams to Advance Equity and Access to Nature and Sport

The initiative kicks off with an event series from longtime partner Outdoor Afro, furthering its mission to inspire Black connections and leadership in nature.

Ben & Jerry’s, Tony’s Chocolonely Begin ‘Love A-Fair’ in Name of 100% Slavery-Free Chocolate

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. The two companies known for their passion for social justice and ethical chocolate have joined forces to end modern slavery and child labor in the cocoa industry.

Alaska Airlines Aiming to Advance Low-Carbon Aviation Through Corporate Partnerships, Shared Learning

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. New program expands first-in-the-US agreement with corporate partners to reduce business travel emissions through sustainable aviation fuels.