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Follow the growing amount of collaborative work — cross-functional, cross-sector, pre-competitive and more — bringing about massive, disruptive, needed shifts to business as usual.

Grounded Summit: A Platform for Climate Solutions in California’s Wine Country

"Conversations around climate change are constantly looking at how we’re impacting the future, but there’s more we need to be doing now to preserve today for this generation.” — Julia Jackson, Grounded Foundation

New Nat Geo, P&G Media Platform to ‘ACTIVATE’ Solutions to Global Issues

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Nat Geo, P&G, Global Citizen launch storytelling partnership, documentary series to drive action around global challenges connected to extreme poverty

Q&A: How Annie’s Is Working to Cultivate ‘Organic for Everybunny’

“I don’t see roadblocks … just lots of untapped opportunity!” — Shauna Sadowski, Annie’s Homegrown

Report: 66% of Consumers Want Influence in Product Creation Process

Findings underscore growing importance of technology and consumer feedback in product development process.

Corporate Giants’ Suppliers Have Saved $19.3B by Reducing CO2

Cross-Posted from Business Case. CDP says 10 years of corporates requesting supplier transparency has triggered a step-change in environmental action.

Over 170 Brand Partners, Innovators Hard at Work on Sustainable Viscose

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. Global fashion brands highlight new solutions to viscose made from ancient and endangered forests.

SupplyShift-Ulula Partnership to Amplify Worker Voices in Supply Chains

Collaboration will allow companies to gain data-backed insight into worker treatment in their supply chains.

3 Big Questions Shaping the Future of Sustainable Business in 2019

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. This year, we are dissecting big, open questions that could either speed up or slow down our quest toward Delivering the Good Life.

EPR in Action: TerraCycle, CPG Giants Close ‘Loop’ on Single-Use Packaging

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. First-of-its-kind, global shopping platform aims to offer zero-waste packaging options for the world’s most popular consumer products.

Dell Continues to Close the Loop on E-waste

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. “We’ve made a really good run at making electronics recycling convenient and easy, but there is an opportunity for the entire IT industry."

Gap, Salesforce Sign Landmark Deal for Renewable Energy Aggregation

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Five global brands sign joint 42.5-MW energy deal, creating a new blueprint for renewable energy aggregation

Global Alliance Commits Over $1B to End Plastic Waste

The global plastics value chain has banded together to advance solutions to plastic waste in the environment.

Reducing Transport Emissions in Electronics Supply Chains, the 'SmartWay'

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Electronics manufacturers are asking for more sustainability data from suppliers as the demand for CSR extends throughout the supply chain.

ERM Announces Acquisition of SustainAbility Ltd

The second in a series of acquisitions by ERM aimed at building the world’s leading sustainability advisory services

EcoVadis Helping Pharma Giants to Improve Global Health Supply Chain

The Responsible Health Initiative aims to fortify responsible business practices throughout healthcare value chain

How WWF, Hilton Are Beating Hospitality Food Waste

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. If you’re visiting a hotel this holiday season for either work or pleasure, take a moment to observe the way food is prepared and served at the buffet or your holiday party dinner. Is it presented in abundance? Are people taking more than they can eat? Is the hotel staff replenishing the buffet even as the party is winding down? How much food is going back to the kitchen? Can you tell if the hotel is donating edible food or composting its scraps?

How Businesses Are Stepping Up to Reforest California

The bureaucracy and logistics involved for helping the state recover might be complicated, but the facts for business owners and sustainability directors are simple: If you want to help California, you can!

Utopies: Localizing the Sustainable Economy

This is one of a series of interviews by students and alumni from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) with practitioners from the Sustainable Brands community, on a variety of ways organizations can, and are, Redesigning the Good Life.

Trending: Regenerative Sourcing, Circular Models Revamping Fashion

This week, two fashion giants with extensive brand portfolios announced partnerships that show promise for cleaning up “dirty fashion.”

'Powering Down Corruption' in Cobalt Supply Chains a Business Imperative

A new report from Washington D.C.-based nonprofit the Enough Project highlights just how rampant corruption and human rights abuses are in the supply chain for cobalt, a mineral used to power battery technology.


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