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The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

New Guide Helps Fashion Brands Take Meaningful, Measurable Action to Protect Nature

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. The report provides a critical introduction for the fashion, textile and apparel industry to setting measurable, science-based targets for nature; and will act as a blueprint for other industries to follow suit.

NextWave Focuses on Inclusive, Equitable Strategies to Turn Plastic Pollution Into a Resource

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The cross-industry collaborative has reached 80% of its goal of diverting 25K MT of ocean-bound plastic by 2025. Now, it is working to ensure that the plastic is sourced with high ethical standards.

Carbon Neutral Is Dead; Long Live Nature Positive

If we invest in public campaigns for nature positive and brands shout it from the rooftops, we save what was originally valuable about the voluntary carbon market while actually doing what’s right for nature.

Mobile Industry Eyes 5B ‘Dormant’ Phones Sitting in Desk Drawers for Reuse or Recycling

The GSMA estimates that if properly recycled, 5B mobile phones could recover US$8B worth of gold, palladium, silver, copper, rare earth elements and other critical minerals; and enough cobalt for 10M electric car batteries.

Organic-Materials Management: How Companies Can Make Better Choices

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Helping people on the front lines of manufacturing and materials management understand company sustainability goals, and providing the leadership support to contribute to achieving them, empowers them to take a more conscious approach to disposal.

Oregon County Sues Several Fossil-Fuel Giants for Role in 2021 'Heat Dome'

The Multnomah County lawsuit is just one of many emerging efforts to hold corporations responsible for climate change and may set a new precedent for global corporate accountability.

‘Doing the Doable’: How Alight Helps 4M Displaced People a Year & How Businesses Can Become Allies

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Alight CEO Jocelyn Wyatt shares how the NGO works to give the world’s displaced people a voice — and how businesses can catapult this movement of helping restore their security, dignity and opportunity.

Renewables May Be Booming; But Shifting from Fossil Fuels Is Being Hindered By …

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Projects that could generate more than 1TW of renewable energy are still waiting to be constructed and connected to the grid in all parts of the world, due to delays in permitting and a lack of investment in grid infrastructure.

HP Study: Climate Crisis Changing Parental Decisions on Purchases, Careers, Even Family Size

91% of parents surveyed are concerned about climate change — a majority say the crisis has even impacted their perspective on having more children.

Carbon Capture and Storage: Distraction, Solution or Both?

CCS proponents argue it can offset emissions from hard-to-abate sectors such as energy and heavy industry; while opponents fear it could further the status quo and distract from the need for real emissions reductions.

Draft Treaty on Ending Plastics Pollution Inches Forward After Paris Negotiations

Despite procedural hiccups and ongoing debates on key issues, a first draft of a treaty will be ready for the next INC meeting in Nairobi later this year.

Deloitte, Salesforce, World Economic Forum Launch Yes San Francisco, Urban Sustainability Challenge

The first location-based UpLink Challenge seeks solutions that will further position San Francisco as a model for resilient and inclusive cities of the future.

Community-Inclusive Supply Chain Helping Regenerate Ecosystems, Economies in South Asia

By thinking of suppliers more as business partners, companies such as Tengri are creating new models for ethical, regenerative supply chains.

Finding Potential in Peers: The Importance of Pre-Competitive Partnerships

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. Industry leaders are forming pre-competitive pacts and deals to build ecosystems that support a circular economy or a net-zero roadmap. Here are three areas where pre-competitive partnerships can deliver material impact.

Uncertain Times Require Decisive Brand Action: Blazing New Trails in Brand Activism

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. On the final morning of Brand-Led Culture Change, keynote speakers tackled topics ranging from impactful partnerships and walking your ESG talk to the role of brands in creating a new ‘American Dream.’

17 Global Companies to Set World’s First Science-Based Targets for Nature This Year

The Science Based Targets Network’s science-based targets for nature are a significant step towards helping companies take integrated action to protect nature — beginning with freshwater and land.

It’s Time for Brands to Embrace One of the Most Exciting Climate-Mitigation Tools We Have

There is a clear business case to invest in protecting and restoring nature — and rewilding can play a major role.

There May Finally Be Hope for Environmental and Climate Justice. Can We Capitalize on It?

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. This work is vast. But success would build a more inclusive, just and sustainable economy and society — shaped by our shared opportunities rather than our risks, by prosperity rather than poverty, of positivity over negativity.

Responding to Cultural Tipping Points: Co-Creating a Brand Culture for Good

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. Keynotes from day 2 of Brand-Led Culture Change shed light on collaborative behavior-change and stakeholder-engagement approaches that are changing the way brands are creating products, stories and strategies.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Challenges Industry: ‘We Must Change the Way We Make Our Food’

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. The Foundation’s Big Food Redesign Challenge will bring together producers, retailers, startups and suppliers to bring circular food design into the mainstream.