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The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

How to Empower the Next, Diverse Generation of Inventors

For those who cultivate innovation and invention, it is our responsibility to provide opportunity for those historically marginalized. Our society must take the harsh realizations uncovered by the pandemic and use them to fuel ambition and drive, to ensure access and opportunity for every student.

Atlanta’s Food Forest Pioneering Potential Solution to Urban Food Deserts

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. The Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill caters to one of 35 food-insecure communities in Georgia’s capital — and provides a scalable model for other cities to begin to address this all-too-common systemic inequity in US cities.

The Mountain Ahead: Surveying the Path to Carbon Negative

We are at the very beginning of the most challenging leg of the climate journey; many companies have yet to commit to zeroing out their emissions. Still, a few at the cutting edge are responding to the call for a higher bar to be set and are staking their reputations on achieving it. 

A Path for Small Businesses to Achieve Climate Neutrality

The climate crisis is waiting for no one; and the choices we make over the next few years will determine the world we create for ourselves and for future generations. We can and must succeed — and SMEs have a critical role in ensuring that we do.

Trending: The North Face, Timberland, Vans Scaling Regenerative Supply Chains

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Three of VF Corporation’s top outdoor apparel brands have committed to bold goals around circularity and scaling regenerative ag practices — including having all of their top materials be recycled, regenerative or renewable by 2025.

The Luxury Consumer, Sustainability and Social Responsibility: It’s Complicated

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Whether environmental or social, luxury brands *will* have to contend with issues related to corporate social responsibility — it’s in the zeitgeist. “Being your best self” is the essence of luxury. Values and purpose are thus luxury essentials, not just nice-to-haves.

Intrepid Travel Offers 40+ Decarbonized Tours Amid Tourism’s Recovery

The world’s largest B Corp travel company has introduced 42 new, low-carbon alternative tours. The move is part of a wider decarbonization plan that includes removing all flights under 90 minutes from the top 50 trips, where possible, by the end of 2022.

Regeneration: Understanding the Paradigm Change and How We’ll Get There

“Regeneration” is not a just new word to replace the now-overused term “sustainability.” It represents a new way of thinking — an entirely new level of ambition that implies, ultimately, a new paradigm.

Voluntary Carbon Markets Have Matured — Here’s What’s Next for Corporate Action

Carbon markets connect the growing demand from companies and consumers committing to net zero, with the small but growing supply of removal and avoidance solutions. Carbon credits make the most of tangible solutions that are possible and available now.

Will Sustainable Consumer Behaviors, Attitudes Persist Post-Pandemic?

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. Next month, GlobeScan’s latest annual, global consumer survey will assess whether the uptick in concern around creating a healthier, more sustainable future that occurred during the pandemic will persist in the longer term.

How to Effectively Visualize Sustainability in Our New, More Empathetic World

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. There is an urgent need to move the visual language of sustainability forward, so being able to represent both technological and societal progress is key.

Businesses Must Understand the Intersections of Mental Health, Sustainability

As we emerge from COVID-19 and mental health rises up the corporate agenda, how can businesses incorporate the subject into their core sustainability agenda, rather than treat it as a separate issue?

Chipotle Now Offering Employees Free Degrees in Agriculture, Culinary, Hospitality

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. As part of Chipotle’s mission to ‘cultivate a better world,’ it has expanded its debt-free degree program to include nearly 100 degree options in these fields at 10 US universities.

Microsoft, LinkedIn Expand Initiative to Enable More Inclusive, Skills-Based Tech Economy in US

The companies have launched a variety of new tools and services aimed at fostering a more inclusive tech workforce in the US, with a specific focus on women and underrepresented minorities.

Shoppers Play a Huge Role in the Climate Battle

Two innovative new offerings provide forward-thinking companies an engaging way to not only compensate for their product emissions, but to engage with their customers around climate action in a new way. 

Anheuser-Busch Revitalizes St. Louis Community, Spent Barley with New Production Facility

As part of a recently announced $1B planned investment across the US, a new production facility that repurposes spent grain will create jobs and further the brewer’s commitments to sustainability and the St. Louis Community.

New Rewilding Europe Partnership Offers Regenerative Model for Travel Industry

A new collaboration with Exodus Travels opens opportunities for tour operators and travelers to help regenerate biodiversity at degraded destinations — and a thoughtful model with which to reopen global travel.

‘Sustainability Is Not Enough:’ The Road to Regeneration in Malaysia and Beyond

This week at SB’21 Kuala Lumpur, executives and practitioners across industries discussed the needed shift in power and focus — from extractive to regenerative business, and how we get there.

Trending: Virgin, Aspiration Incentivize Sustainable Spending

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Virgin Money’s sustainability-linked loans will reduce finance costs for businesses that proactively help the transition to a more sustainable economy; and Aspiration’s new credit card will enable consumers to work toward a ‘zero’ carbon footprint.

Giving Up Meat = Healthy Living = Healthy Planet. Are We at a Dietary Inflection Point?

Cross-Posted from Behavior Change. The growing appetite for a shift away from meat-based diets is good news for addressing a range of health and climate issues. But business has a critical role to play in making the transition as affordable, accessible and delicious as possible.


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