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The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

Just Salad Poised to Take Zero-Waste Dining Nationwide

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The fast-casual chain plans to scale both its geographic footprint and its pioneering reusable bowl program, thanks to a cash infusion from circular-economy drivers Closed Loop Partners.

Flight-Shaming Movement Evolves Into Flight-Free Travel Trend

It may have taken COVID-19 to put a hard and fast stop on flight travel; but during the pandemic pause, a more mindful approach to tourism has taken shape — as seen in a growing wave of flight-free offerings, specifically intended to keep people out of the sky.

Q&A: Harnessing Energy, Fresh Thinking with the Next Generation of Innovators

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. As climate- and waste-related issues continue to evolve, the next generation will create and deliver sustainable solutions that decision-makers haven’t yet dreamt of. That's why we must engage these rising leaders about the path to circularity and carbon neutrality.

Consumers Are Hungry for Regenerative Food Brands

With shifting food habits, supply chains and levels of access to new information, today’s consumers recognize the urgent need to change how they eat. In order to meet the urgency of this moment, the new BBMG/GlobeScan report, “Radically Better Food,” outlines four imperatives for regenerative food brands.

Build Back Better: The 5 Key Pillars for a Purposeful Post-COVID Reset

Over the past year, we conducted an extensive research project engaging over 100 sustainability leaders from around the world to understand how they thought sustainable business would evolve after the pandemic. Here’s how they think we can build back better brands.

ChaRM: The Nonprofit on a Mission to Keep Hazardous Household Materials Out of the Environment

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), run by Atlanta-based nonprofit Live Thrive, not only helps to safely divert a wide array of hazardous household materials from local landfills, it educates residents on the critical role of recycling in creating jobs and stimulating our economy.

Why Working Regeneratively Is (R)evolutionary

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Regenerative practice starts and continues with personal development. It is not a tool but a practice of conscious participation and co-creation. Working regeneratively is about revealing potential, rather than disappearing down rabbit holes of solving problems in isolation.

MGM’s Mega Solar Array Now Powering 13 LV Strip Resorts

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. The new mega solar array is the hospitality industry's largest directly sourced renewable electricity project worldwide. MGM Resorts aims to source 100% renewable electricity in US and 80% globally by 2030.

300 C-Suite Execs Share Insights on Overcoming Challenges to Build a Circular Economy

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. Although circularity goals have risen to the top of executives’ agendas, the path to a waste-free world remains less clear. Fortune magazine’s latest white paper, produced in partnership with Dow, aims to help sustainability leaders and practitioners understand the current challenges and collaborate on circular solutions.

GM Launches $60B 'Equitable Climate Action' Plan

A new, $25 billion climate-equity-focused philanthropic fund will complement GM's $35 billion investment in EV and AV programs globally through 2025.

The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on People’s Needs, Expectations in the Office

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. The ongoing pandemic has changed fundamental patterns in our lives, accelerating existing trends and revealing new unmet needs. Since the onset of COVID, Steelcase has conducted ongoing research to help organizations understand its impact on their people and business.

Report: Circular Apparel Market Projected to Reach $77B by 2026

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. thredUP’s 2021 Resale Report estimates that the secondhand clothing market will double in the next 5 years, reaching $77 billion. Policy incentives to end fast fashion production and disposal would fuel the movement.

Forget Selling Products. Change Lives, Instead.

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. The happiness of buying new shoes is a short-lived dopamine kick, whereas finding better ways of living in balance with yourself adds lifelong value. It’s time to create a new offering: Who can you help people become?

Prince Charles Partners with Global Insurance Industry to Drive Substantive Climate Action

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. The SMI Insurance Task Force commits to provide climate-positive financing and risk-management solutions to support and encourage individuals and businesses around the world to accelerate their transition to a sustainable future.

Target Unveils Plan to Co-Create an Equitable, Sustainable Future for All

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Among the retailer’s goals are to achieve 20% Black team member representation across the company by 2023; and reach net zero in both waste to landfill and value-chain-wide emissions, and 100% owned-brand product circularity, by 2040.

How Education Helps Set a Better Foundation for Long-Term Sustainability

If you’re a brand that cares about the environment or society but doesn’t invest in education, you’re missing an opportunity to expand your impact. This connects to a larger issue — how CSR and sustainability go far beyond any company’s immediate customer base or market.

Leading Brands Share Mix of Success Stories, Cautionary Tales at SB’21 Madrid

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. While showcasing brands leading the charge toward sustainability — including Interface and Tony’s Chocolonely — SB’21 Madrid gave equal weight to just how much work we have left to do: Only 13% of companies can accurately deem themselves “sustainable.”

Vermont Family Farm Raises a Crop of Energy and Teaches Us a Lesson

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. The anaerobic digester at Goodrich Farm turns cow manure and food waste into carbon-negative, renewable natural gas that benefits much more than the farm. And the family’s journey is highly replicable.

Regeneration and Business: The Challenges of Implementation

Becoming a truly regenerative business might mean changing the shape of your portfolio — but this is not something to fear! Consumers want products and services that reflect their values and demands for greater sustainability, positive environmental impact, and both social and individual well-being. A portfolio that reflects this will be successful in the long run.

Fix the Economy, Fix the Climate: A Deeper Dive Into the Win-Win of a Circular Economy

At a recent virtual event, Dame Ellen MacArthur and an esteemed lineup of business and policy leaders discussed how to push siloed circular efforts to scale. And while the unknown and upfront costs are delaying progress, MacArthur asserted: “Everybody loses if we continue with business as usual.”


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