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The latest products, services, design approaches and business models that are helping organizations of all sizes deliver on their sustainability ambitions and establish a new business as usual.

How eCommerce Retailers Can Satisfy Today’s Sustainability-Demanding Shoppers

Gen Z shoppers are more informed about what sustainability should look like in practice — but whether they know it or not, their shopping habits don’t always reflect that. Either way, retailers are striving to keep up sustainably.

Tourism Offers Gateway for Youth-Focused Climate Action, Sustainability

Kids will care for the planet long after the adults in the boardroom are gone. Involving them in sustainability and climate initiatives through tourism now is a natural gateway to positively shaping the future.

Astral Tequila Turning Spent Agave Into Bricks to Build Homes for Mexican Families in Need

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Astral’s 'This Round's for the House' initiative is part of the Adobe Brick Project — its ongoing upcycling program to build homes and brighten communities in Jalisco.

Drink Even More Responsibly: Bonterra Wines Are Farmed Like the World Depends on It

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. The certified B Corp winery has achieved climate neutrality, zero waste and Regenerative Organic Certification — setting a new standard for future-friendly wines.

30 Companies Restoring the Planet — and Our Hope for a Better World

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. In 'Working to Restore,' writer Esha Chhabra highlights 30 companies around the world that embody a truly regenerative approach to business.

Bittersweet: New Developments in the Ongoing Quest for Sustainable Chocolate

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. While the 4th edition of the Chocolate Scorecard examines over 70 chocolate companies on their social and environmental performance, WNWN Food Labs’ ‘Wegg’ offers a look at a truly sustainable alternative.

How ChatGPT Can Help Propel Brand Sustainability Strategies

With applications that go beyond messaging and data analysis, the suddenly ubiquitous technology could give sustainability-driven brands several advantages.

New Beer Made from Treated Wastewater Highlights Potential of Water Reuse

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The San Francisco Bay Area-based pilot project reallocated 2,000 gallons of treated water from a residential high-rise to become more than 7,000 cans of beer.

Allbirds Reveals World’s First Zero-Carbon Shoe

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. Made from a number of carbon-negative materials, M0.0NSHOT could be a giant leap for the shoe industry; Allbirds is open-sourcing the toolkit used to create the shoe and inviting others to follow in its footsteps.

Bayer Pledges to Help Tackle Global Water Crisis, End Malnutrition

The pharmaceutical and biotech giant is throwing its might behind two of our most pressing challenges by improving access to clean water and reducing water use in agriculture and its operations; and expanding its Nutrient Gap Initiative to include both food and supplements.

Evolving Our Infrastructure Means the Wire and Cable Industry Must Prioritize Sustainability

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. To sustainably support the tremendous global demand for connectivity, collaboration is needed across the value chain to create solutions that enable more information to move faster, with greater protection and safety, using less energy.

Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize Winners Offer Viable, Marine-Safe Solutions to Thin-Film Waste

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. The three winners are sourcing and scaling biobased and degradable alternatives to traditional, thin-film plastic made from fossil fuels.

Klarna Conscious Badges Offer World’s First Assessment of Electronics Brands' Environmental Achievements

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Badges build on Klarna’s commitment to providing its 150M users with the insights and tools they need to make more informed purchasing decisions and enact positive environmental change.

Biomimicry 3.8, Interface Demystify the Path to Regenerative Business

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. In this first post of a series on how businesses can move beyond sustainable to regenerative, B3.8 and Interface outline an accessible, 4-step framework that is flexible enough for any organization to follow but robust enough to generate the breakthrough innovations that our planet demands.

New Guide Details Tangible Solutions for Retailers to Move ‘Beyond the Bag’

Playbook highlights solutions from the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag that drive near-term, positive environmental impact and cost savings from eliminating single-use plastic bags.

For Climate Solutions to Cross the Chasm, Start with Customers Ready for Change

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. To avoid the worst climate impacts, we must prioritize the deployment of emerging climate solutions without delay. To do that, companies must overcome a common marketing challenge.

More Conscious Travelers, Climate Concerns Impacting Accommodation Design

Embodied carbon, clean energy, resource efficiency, and supporting local communities and biodiversity are among the many critical factors in making tourism fit to flourish in a climate-challenged future.

Glovo Impact Fund to Direct €5M Toward Socio-Environmental Challenges by End of 2023

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. A small amount from each Glovo order will now support local communities, climate-action initiatives, help in digitalization of small businesses, close the gender gap in tech and provide upskilling programs for couriers.

Will a Sustainable Future for Agriculture Take Us Underwater?

Nemo’s Garden is growing plants in underwater biospheres — a hydroponic, multi-beneficial ag solution that could provide coastal communities with fresh food and water, while promoting marine life.

The Ugly Company Raises $9M to Grow Market, Capacity for Upcycled Fruit Empire

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. The dried fruit snack maker is on a mission to put a dent in the massive produce waste issue on farms in California’s Central Valley, while teaching consumers the value in ‘food waste.’