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Product, Service & Design Innovation

The latest products, services, design approaches and business models that are helping organizations of all sizes deliver on their sustainability ambitions and establish a new business as usual.

First Closed-Loop Metal-Recycling Technology Offers Sustainable Future for a Battery-Powered World

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Aqua Metals’ closed-loop metal-recycling process is revolutionizing metal sourcing and disposal — and eliminating the negative side effects of EV battery production.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance Unveils Five-Year, Net-Positive Industry Strategy

The Alliance’s vision for net-positive hospitality includes standardizing sustainability metrics across the industry and a shared vision for giving back to destination communities more than it takes.

Michelle Obama’s PLEZi Nutrition Aims to Help Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Building on her efforts in the White House with her Let's Move! initiative, Mrs. Obama is guiding PLEZi Nutrition’s mission to be a model for how food and beverage brands can support the health of our younger generations.

60+ Innovators Against Plastic Pollution Call for Pragmatic, Inclusive Global Plastics Treaty

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. rePurpose Global, The Ocean Cleanup launch alliance of leading plastic-waste solutionists dedicated to empowering balanced and informed policymaking.

Why 2023 Is (Finally) The Year of the Sustainability Pivot

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. Four key trends are converging this year to create a permanent shift toward sustainability across industries — with implications for tech innovation, the planet and companies that have yet to start their sustainability transformation.

Balancing Optimism, Practicality to Drive Architects and Designers Toward a Sustainable Future

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Shaw spoke with 'Metropolis' Editor-in-Chief Avinash Rajagopal about how to best tackle the complexity of sustainability, and how the design industry is adopting a more interconnected perspective on the subject.

Planetarians’ Tasty New Use for Spent Beans and Yeast Shaking Up Alt-Protein Market

The startup upcycles food waste and byproducts into a new kind of high-protein, high-fiber, vegan meat. Unlike most products in the crowded alt-protein market, it has achieved both great taste and price parity.

Patagonia Chair: For Brands to Thrive In These Uncertain Times, They Must Be 'Imperfect'

Cross-Posted from Leadership. Author Charles Conn digs into some of his disruptive advice for brands that make up his new book, "The Imperfectionists: Strategic Mindsets for Uncertain Times."

Of Course, Nature Can Save Our Hot, Polluted Cities: Meet the CityTree

Green City Solutions has combined air-purifying moss with IoT technology in a smart biotech filter that can clean 82% of fine dust particles from the air, and humidify and cool it by up to 4°C.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Launches Database of Circular Startups

The Foundation invites businesses to discover startups through its Circular Startup Index to help accelerate innovation that facilitates transition to a circular economy.

2 Biotech Startups Are 3D Printing ‘Fish’ to Give the Ocean a Rest

Mycorena and Revo Foods have combined mycelium-based protein and 3D printing to create a potential win-win for seafood fans and overexploited fish populations.

Coach Launches Community-Powered, Circular Sub-Brand, Coachtopia

Coachtopia was co-created with a community of fashion enthusiasts, creatives, entrepreneurs, activists and more. Coach says it’s a platform for change in which Gen Z can help create the fashion future they want to see.

Meet the Company Extending the Life of Some of Our Most Common (and Uncommon) Waste Streams

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Through a nationwide network of independent haulers and reverse-recycling carriers linked through an app-based platform, CheckSammy brings long-overdue change to an outdated waste-management and recycling industry.

How eCommerce Retailers Can Satisfy Today’s Sustainability-Demanding Shoppers

Gen Z shoppers are more informed about what sustainability should look like in practice — but whether they know it or not, their shopping habits don’t always reflect that. Either way, retailers are striving to keep up sustainably.

Tourism Offers Gateway for Youth-Focused Climate Action, Sustainability

Kids will care for the planet long after the adults in the boardroom are gone. Involving them in sustainability and climate initiatives through tourism now is a natural gateway to positively shaping the future.

Astral Tequila Turning Spent Agave Into Bricks to Build Homes for Mexican Families in Need

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Astral’s 'This Round's for the House' initiative is part of the Adobe Brick Project — its ongoing upcycling program to build homes and brighten communities in Jalisco.

Drink Even More Responsibly: Bonterra Wines Are Farmed Like the World Depends on It

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. The certified B Corp winery has achieved climate neutrality, zero waste and Regenerative Organic Certification — setting a new standard for future-friendly wines.

30 Companies Restoring the Planet — and Our Hope for a Better World

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. In 'Working to Restore,' writer Esha Chhabra highlights 30 companies around the world that embody a truly regenerative approach to business.

Bittersweet: New Developments in the Ongoing Quest for Sustainable Chocolate

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. While the 4th edition of the Chocolate Scorecard examines over 70 chocolate companies on their social and environmental performance, WNWN Food Labs’ ‘Wegg’ offers a look at a truly sustainable alternative.

How ChatGPT Can Help Propel Brand Sustainability Strategies

With applications that go beyond messaging and data analysis, the suddenly ubiquitous technology could give sustainability-driven brands several advantages.