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The latest products, services, design approaches and business models that are helping organizations of all sizes deliver on their sustainability ambitions and establish a new business as usual.

We All Have An Important Role to Play in Putting People at the Heart of Sustainability

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Each of the 10 organizations being showcased in this year’s sustain[HUMAN]ability® Leadership Recognition Program is a leader in its own right and offers something from which we can all learn.

BioLite Reflects on 10 Years of Facilitating Clean Energy in the Developing World

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. CEO & co-founder Jonathan Cedar says the mobile power and lighting company has directed its growth away from outdoor recreation, towards much larger impact.

Ice Cream Giants Innovate to Help Avoid Climate Meltdown

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company, Unilever, have both launched pilots aimed at drastically cutting their GHG emissions — if successful, both are hoping to drive industry-wide change for truly game-changing impacts.

Meet StoreDot: The Startup That Used Neuroscience to Revolutionize EV Batteries

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Thanks to a unique, interdisciplinary approach to addressing ‘range anxiety’ due to limited battery life, the Israeli startup has reinvented the EV battery with a breakthrough that could finally leapfrog EVs into the mainstream.

Tesco, WWF Tapping Sustainable Food Startups to Fast-Track Supply Chain Innovations

The Innovation Connections accelerator program aims to fast-track vital food system innovations; Tesco is also calling on the UK government to help accelerate scale-up of late-stage innovations in food supply chains.

Ørsted Trials Turning Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations Into Safe Havens For Corals

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. The first-of-its-kind ReCoral by Ørsted project aims to implement a non-invasive approach for restoring the health of coral reef ecosystems by growing healthy coral colonies on the foundations of offshore wind turbines.

How Brands Can Help Solve the Macro Problem of Microplastics

The impact of microplastics on our world is daunting; but every step we take to curb the creation of more microplastics, while also reducing how much of them continue lurking in the environment, makes a difference.

Benefits for Local Communities Shape Offerings for Regionally Focused Travel Companies

Focusing resources beyond popular attractions, and a personal sense of pride and care for a place and its people, creates the conditions for well-supported communities. Because of this, regionally focused travel companies are uniquely situated to ensure tourism creates positive ripple effects where they operate.

New Partnerships Putting Mycoprotein at Center of Sustainable Food Future

A new MycoTechnology partnership will scale production of mycoprotein and eliminate food waste in Oman; while Quorn and Drew Barrymore expand their partnership with a new educational series, “Myco101.”

2022 ‘World-Changing Ideas’ Tease Sustainable Models for Building, Power, Finance, Animal-Free Protein

It’s that time of year, again — when we pore excitedly over Fast Company’s annual list of World-Changing Ideas. Here are a few of our favorites.

Construction Evolved: Optimizing the Built World for the Health of People and the Planet

While integrating embodied-carbon tracking and reporting onto connected platforms is a complex feat, it ultimately will transform and revolutionize ESG efforts for the construction industry.

How Digital Technology Is Supporting a Circular Future for eCommerce

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. More and more ecommerce companies are considering how a circular approach, with the support of digital technology, can reduce their footprint and help consumers do the same.

Trending: Luxury Carmakers Accelerate Sustainability Ambitions

Two of the UK’s most iconic names in luxury cars — Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover — are building on their efforts to ensure they’re soon known as much for being sustainable as they are sleek and stylish.

The Humble Crab Shell Could Upend a Variety of Polluting Industries — Starting with Wastewater

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. Washington-based startup Tidal Vision upcycles discarded crab shells to produce chitosan — a positively charged biopolymer with myriad applications in sustainable water treatment, textile production, agriculture and more.

Logitech, Nestlé, PepsiCo Among Founding Members of Design for Good Alliance

Cross-Posted from Collaboration. The non-profit global alliance features nine organizations committed to dedicating the power of their design communities to addressing the UN SDGs — beginning with SDG 6: clean water and sanitation.

GAF Project Aims to Increase Quality of Life, Climate Resilience in Urban Communities

The GAF Cool Community Project will assess and mitigate the impacts of the urban heat island effect in landlocked and underserved cities — beginning with the Los Angeles neighborhood of Pacoima.

Shared Mobility, Accessibility, Electrification Among Keys to Sustainable Urban Future

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. The future of our cities is at stake, and it is our duty to find solutions that allow us to offer our users what they demand: more efficient and sustainable cities, at the service of people and not their cars.

Embracing Digital Tools, EPR to Achieve Sustainable Design

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. The future of sustainable packaging and design lies in our ability to do most of the important work in a digital space. Manufacturers will be left behind if they fail to embrace tools such as digital twins, 3D product and packaging visualization, and consumer packaging buyback.

Why Restaurants Overusing Their Fry Oil Are ‘Fresh’ Out of Excuses

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Who knew that overused fry oil represented such an untapped health and sustainability market opportunity? FreshFry CEO Jeremiah Chapman breaks it down.

New Tools Helping Companies Better Track, Meet Ambitious Climate Goals — with No Time to Waste

The emergence of a host of new carbon-monitoring and -tracking tools is better equipping companies with the data to achieve their climate goals — but time is running short to turn this into meaningful action.


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