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As a B2B sustainability resource, Sustainable Brands' content is aimed more toward professionals seeking insights into how to maximize their efforts in the business world, rather than consumers looking for tips on sustainable living. Our core audience of sustainable business innovators trend toward mid- to high-level managers or decision-makers who are looking for new ways to build business and brand value by pairing reduced environmental and social impact with positive economic results — ideas and strategies that go above and beyond compliance and what their peers might already be doing.

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What We Look For

At Sustainable Brands, our goal is to highlight the incredible work companies in all industries are doing to disrupt the old, linear approach to business and embrace new ways of profiting with transformative "big picture" strategies, initiatives, partnerships, products, services and business models -- and the implications this momentum has for business and brands. The SB editorial platform serves as a resource for companies and professionals looking to learn more and assess how and where they can have the most impact in their own operations, and for those leading the way to share their successes and failures for others to learn from.

To that end, we feature and seek original content that examines how companies around the world are, for example:

Create Solutions

Our community is well-versed on the issues (the "what") and the need to solve them (the "why"). Show us the "how" -- the products, services, initiatives and business models that are creating change now.

Create a New "Business as Usual"

A few examples: more and more companies are disrupting the linear, take-make-waste approach to business by adopting holistic, circular strategies that include designing products for recycling, reuse or disassembly; shifting from product-based to service-based business models; establishing take-back programs for products at end of life; and utilizing more beneficial, easily recyclable or previously wasted materials.

Go Beyond "Doing Less Bad"

While reducing impacts is still an immediate concern and a necessary step, we’re looking to highlight those working toward everything from zero waste and emissions, and positive environmental/social impacts to net positivity in terms of energy, materials and resources; creating tangible benefits and shared value for all stakeholders.

Authentically Embed Purpose into the Brand

Feel-good social benefit campaigns and philanthropic activities are all well and good ... but we want to highlight initiatives that help companies build brand and business value while they're giving back. Ex: supporting smallholder farmers in a developing country that is part of a company's supply chain vs. one-off charitable giving activities to communities in a developing country.

Correlate Sustainability with Business Value

We want to hear from and about companies that understand that the long-term health of their business is inextricably linked to the long-term health of the planet and those who inhabit it, and are creating KPIs and success metrics that reflect this.

Making "Sustainability" Part of a Brand's DNA

Changing "sustainability" from a department to a common thread through all departments -- holistically approaching sustainability by incorporating relevant KPIs into all areas of the business, and aligning the ethos behind these goals with the overall mission of the business.

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