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Ben & Jerry’s Announces Carbon Tax Covering Farm to Landfill Emissions

Ben & Jerry’s has announced that it will institute its own internal carbon tax of $10 for every metric ton of its greenhouse gas emissions, from farm to landfill.

Using a recent Lifecycle Analysis that gave the ice cream company a “cow-to-cone” picture of its carbon footprint, Ben & Jerry’s says it will be putting the funds from the tax to jumpstart sustainbility programs it’s already working on. Due to the fact that the dairy component counts for 42 percent of its overall lifecycle emissions, the company will start by working with farmers to develop and implement carbon footprint-reducing strategies.

“From our energy sources to the way we farm, every product and process has to become carbon neutral,” Ben & Jerry’s said in a blog post announcing the carbon tax. “We think putting a price on carbon pollution can help us make that transition.”

A carbon tax puts a price on all forms of carbon pollution, which can drive down the use of fossil fuels while providing revenue to advance efficiency and cleaner, more sustainable technologies.

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The company is calling on customers to spread the message about the importance of implementing carbon taxes, particularly in statehouses around the country.

“We need governments everywhere to commit to putting a price on carbon pollution, and turn investment in dirty carbon into the clean energy future we all want,” the Ben & Jerry’s said.

Some 29 public U.S. companies across various industries have incorporated an internal carbon price as a strategic planning tool, according to CDP, effectively holding themselves accountable for the carbon emissions produced as a result of daily operations.

Ben & Jerry’s is a Certified B Corporation, meaning it uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and has met high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Today there are over 1,200 Certified B Corps, across 121 industries and 38 countries.


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