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Northwestern Mutual Campaign Challenges Consumers to Redefine the #GoodLife

Financial security company Northwestern Mutual has launched a new brand campaign with the aim of reframing people’s idea of the #GoodLife, by helping them plan for their financial futures and feel empowered to make the most of enjoying life every single day.

“Our research uncovered the constant struggle Americans are experiencing between living for now and saving for later,” said Aditi Gokhale, Chief Marketing Officer at Northwestern Mutual. “People are in a balancing act of how they can enjoy today while preparing for tomorrow, and this results in massive anxiety. This campaign shows how Northwestern Mutual helps our clients plan for the important moments in their lives so they can make the most of every single day.”

Spend Your Life Living” builds on focus group research gathered by Northwestern Mutual, which found that the tension between living for now and saving for later is universal for people regardless of demographics. This same research concluded that people will seek (and act on) planning for the lifestyle they want to live. People were most responsive when they felt empowered to make things happen now and not miss out on moments with family, or experiences such as travel.

“These activations are all about giving people meaningful moments and elevating their experiences at events they are passionate about,” added Gokhale. “They’re already at the game cheering on their favorite college football team, but now they’re able to experience what it would be like to do their own touchdown dance in the end zone. We want this moment to be a special, shareable experience that they’ll remember beyond game day.”


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