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Unreal Helps Unjunk Sweets with Easter Bunny Apology Tour

Candy company Unreal is sponsoring the 2013 Easter Bunny Apology Tour, a social media and publicity campaign aimed at “unjunking” popular candy products, according to a recent announcement.

While consumers do not expect candy to be healthy, Unreal says most do not realize just how unhealthy it can be. To save money, many candy companies include subpar ingredients in their products like hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors.

Unreal says it has developed five different kinds of candies made with sustainably sourced, GMO-free, natural ingredients that can be profitably sold at the same price as traditional candy products. The company also claims its candy tastes better than traditional candy because it lacks artificial ingredients and contains more cacao, peanuts, protein, fiber and real caramel.

“We are so excited to be the first official sponsor of the Easter Bunny's Apology Tour, and we hope lots more candy companies will unjunk their candy and join the tour,” said Nicky Bronner, Unreal’s 16-year-old founder. “Unreal is on a mission to unjunk the world, starting with candy, and with help from the Easter Bunny and our special friends, we can have the world unjunked before you know it.”

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Several celebrities, including John Legend, Jillian Michaels and Tom Brady, will join the Easter Bunny on the tour. Bunny will also hand out Unreal candy products and call for all candy companies to join as sponsors of his future tours.

Bunny asks all candy companies interested in participating in future tours to email him at: [email protected].

In related news, Whole Foods recently announced that within the next five years, all products sold in its stores in the U.S. and Canada will be labeled to indicate if they contain genetically modified ingredients. Nestlé also recently promised to begin providing portion guidance on all children’s products as part of 30 social and environmental goals it plans to achieve by 2020.


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