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Organizational Change
New Tools Help Companies Measure Workplace Culture, Employee Impacts

Companies are increasingly becoming aware that the business case for corporate social responsibility has grown beyond environmental sustainability and social impact to include positive workplace culture and employee well-being as values necessary to remain competitive in a rapidly changing economy.

WeSpire, an engagement platform that provides sustainability and social impact programs to global corporations, has expanded its SaaS platform to include two new modules: Well-being and Positive Culture. The new modules aim to enable forward-thinking companies to improve employee well-being and create and sustain positive organizational values, behaviors and cultures.

With Forbes dubbing 2018 “The Year of Employee Experience,” WeSpire’s expansion is a timely one. New research conducted by Gallup has also demonstrated that the business case for corporate social responsibility has grown beyond environmental sustainability and social impact to include positive workplace culture and employee well-being as critical competitive advantages in the modern economy.

WeSpire’s expansion into Well-being and Positive Culture is rooted in its existing expertise in sustainability and social impact tools. “We’ve seen our customers use our behavioral program design tools to create their own Well-being, Positive Culture and even affinity group programs, proving that there is significant unmet demand for a behavior change platform that hosts, markets and measures employee engagement efforts across the enterprise,” said Susan Hunt Stevens, founder and CEO of WeSpire. “Our powerful analytics engine enables HR, Communications, Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship leaders to demonstrate the business value of each of these initiatives.”

With the addition of the new modules, WeSpire’s platform now offers four program types, each with a library of ready to run employee campaigns, events and competitions. WeSpire also recently launched Ideaboards, a crowdsourcing tool that allows employees to submit, vote and comment on new ideas to collectively bring the best innovations forward. WeSpire’s extensive built-in reporting and analytics engine compares each program’s impact on employee engagement and retention and also measures program specific outcomes.

Companies can customize the content of each module by creating unique campaigns or modifying content from the library. In addition to content created in-house by WESpire, the library contains initiatives authored by WeSpire’s Fortune 500 customers and third-party content experts, such as Urban Labs, an organization working with businesses to integrate diversity and inclusion into leadership and corporate culture.

WeSpire’s new Well-being Module is prominently featured in the #MakeAmericaWell campaign launched by co-founder and CEO of Mindbody Online, Rick Stollmeyer. The campaign encourages business leaders to commit to holistic investments in employee wellness and recommends WeSpire’s revolutionary technology to improve employee well-being.

Meanwhile, ethical creative agency Nice and Serious has launched its first Personal Impact Portfolio (PIP). The PIP gives every employee a breakdown of the amount of time they’ve dedicated to different social and environmental causes in the last year. Each team member will receive their personalized PIP at the start of the year as a reminder of the impact they’ve had through their work.

At a time when people have become increasingly disillusioned with creative industries, Nice and Serious hopes the PIPs will demonstrate what sets it apart. The agency works exclusively on briefs that support social and environmental causes, but believe it’s important not to take this purpose for granted.

“The truth is, no matter how noble the purpose of the organization you work for, work is still work. And even in a progressive company, at times the realities of work will grate, grind and wear you down. I believe it’s our job as leaders in the modern workplace to encourage our team not to look down at the coffee grounds of the daily grind, but instead to look up at the vision they signed up to,” said Tom Tapper, co-founder of Nice and Serious. “So, the Personal Impact Portfolio is a way to encourage the team to take a step back and reflect on how they’ve spent time — their most precious resource — on supporting the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.”


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