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It’s Global Tiger Day:
But Where Are All the Wild Tigers, asks Heineken

3,890. That’s the number of wild tigers left in the world today. Compared to 100,000 wild tigers that roamed the earth just a century ago, the massive 96% decline is beyond startling. With illegal tiger trade, poaching and habitat loss threatening the majestic species’ extinction, Tiger Beer knew they had to step in. The tiger is more than a logo for Asia’s leading premium lager, it’s a symbol of strength, courage and beauty. Last year, Tiger Beer embarked on a 6-year partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to bring global awareness to the plight of the wild tiger and to support the organization’s ambitious tiger conservation efforts. First up was Tiger Beer’s $6 million (USD) pledge over the course of the partnership to help achieve the goal of doubling the wild tiger population by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. Next up, Tiger Beer’s thought-provoking campaigns that inspire consumers around the globe to not only take notice of the rapidly diminishing species, but to also take action.

2017. Year one of the partnership saw Tiger Beer uncaging art to bring awareness to the endangered animal behind the icon by teaming up with innovative artists in six countries. The digitally-led #3890Tigers campaign invited consumers from around the world to take a stand against illegal tiger trade by merging their selfies with one of six bespoke tiger artworks created by global artists through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The resulting digital artwork – portraits intertwined with tiger images – represented the powerful notion of people living in harmony with wild tigers. Check out the #3890Tigers campaign here:

2018. Year two of the partnership finds Tiger Beer at the intersection of art and fashion, fighting apathy by connecting people to real wild tigers through a unique collection of garments aptly named Rare Stripes. The Rare Stripes Collection was born from a collaboration with fashion house Kenzo and emerging artists from Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and America. To inspire their designs, the artists met with WWF rangers in Cambodia and immersed themselves in what was once the tiger’s natural habitat before Cambodia’s tiger population was depleted. Each artist was given two real tiger stories – of tigers both living and deceased – to interpret via their own distinctive style. Here’s the coolest part: inside each limited edition Rare Stripes garment is a QR code in the form of tiger stripes which, when scanned, shows wearers the wild tiger story that inspired its unique design. And all proceeds go to WWF’s wild tiger conservation efforts.

Nobody wants to imagine a world without tigers. Your support, your action and your voice can help give wild tigers a comeback story. Join Tiger Beer in protecting the animal behind the icon. We can think of 3,890 reasons why.


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