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Supply Chain
Applied DNA Launches CertainT Platform to Improve Traceability, Boost Consumer Confidence

Applied DNA Sciences, a provider of DNA-based supply chain, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, has introduced a new supply chain platform known as CertainT that certifies authenticity and origin of products and brands.

The multi-service platform provides integrated, streamlined access to Applied DNA’s end-to-end products and services for confirming a product’s authenticity and origin, and has the potential to revolutionize transparency and traceability practices. CertainT includes SigNature “molecular certificate” tagging, forensic testing, quality assurance services and traceability reporting as products are processed from raw fibers or materials to finished goods.

The CertainT Supply Chain Platform consolidates proven individual elements of the company’s portfolio with a business-specific lens. It will be first incorporated into customer products in textile, apparel, footwear, pharmaceuticals, personal care and agricultural-related products. The CertainT emblem will appear in marketing materials and product labeling.

“CertainT licensed partners will benefit by using the platform to create new and innovative products with visible identification to its customers. CertainT licensees will benefit from Applied DNA’s ecosystem of extensive expert knowledge of incorporating molecular tags into or onto a wide range of natural and synthetic materials and with forensic testing a quality assurance practices within a dedicated supply chain,” said Dr. James Hayward, CEO of Applied DNA Sciences.

“Brands, e-tailers and manufacturers that adopt CertainT, can now provide customers with products they trust with confidence,” added Dr. Hayward. “In today’s uncertain times, consumers are demanding more of their purchases. There is a keen sensitivity to how products are manufactured and how original fibers or raw materials are handled — especially as it relates to in-home use. The openness and transparency in the way products are made enable consumers to feel good about what they are buying. They are looking for the ultimate trust factor.”

Loftex Home, a global producer of high-quality towels and home textiles, is one of the first companies to adopt the CertainT platform. The company will use Applied DNA’s new platform to deliver “Innovate with CertainT,” the first fully source-verified, recycled components in towels. Use of the platform’s molecular tags will allow Loftex to ensure that the recycled PET bottles used in their line of terry cloth towels are, in fact, recycled.

Specifically, Loftex will use Applied DNA’s SigNature®T molecular tags, and when combined with CertainT, will provide a single platform to tag, test, track and trace products throughout a certified supply chain. The molecular tag is extruded into recycled components that create recycled PET fiber, with no impact to performance or quality of the fiber or filament yarns. Any piece of the towel can be forensically authenticated by detecting the molecular tag, ensuring its authenticity and origin.

“Use of our CertainT logo signifies a product’s compliance with the company’s supply chain platform. This platform enables licensees to differentiate their brands based on authenticity,” said Dr. Haywayrd.

The shift towards a circular economy requires innovative business models and entrepreneurial partners. Platforms like CertainT will help companies, such as Loftex, continue to produce innovative products utilizing an efficient and trusted traceability system with a fair return. Traceability and transparency, combined with trust in supply chains builds consumer confidence.


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