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VWR Tackling Single-Use Garment Waste with New Recycling Program

VWR, provider of laboratory products, services and solutions, has launched a new recycling initiative that allows U.S. customers to recycle a variety of single-use garments.

Through "Gown Up, Give Back”, VWR hopes to help reduce the millions of pounds of single-use garments sent to the landfill each year. The plastic waste from these garments is recycled into resin that is used to make permanent infrastructure, including composite decking, railroad ties and drainage pipes. The recycling program provides a waste collection, shipment and recycling solution for most single-use garments as long as they are free from contamination and purchased from VWR.

VWR has also announced that its first customer recycling program, "From the Lab Bench to the Park Bench" reached another milestone. Since launching this program two years ago, the initiative has helped to divert more than 230,000 pipet tip boxes, equal to 40,000 pounds of waste, out of landfills. The plastic waste collected in the U.S. and Canada for this program is pelletized and converted into park benches and other eco-friendly products.

In 2012, H&M launched a garment recycling initiative allowing customers to hand in used garments in select H&M stores in all 48 of its global markets, saving natural resources and contributing to reduced environmental impact by avoiding textile waste. In February, the Swedish retailer launched a new denim line made from recycled fibers. The range of jeans, vests and jackets contain 20 percent recycled cotton, which is the maximum amount that can be used without compromising the quality.

Creating Demand for New Product Categories that Involve Unfamiliar Behaviors or Experiences

Hear insights from Dr. Bronner's, Vivobarefoot and more on 'easing people in' to new products (ex: 3D-printed shoes) and formats (ex: refillable liquid soap) that are revolutionizing industries and designing out waste — Tuesday, Oct. 17 at SB'23 San Diego.

Earlier this year, Goodwill San Francisco (SFGoodwill) announced a new initiative that allows residents to donate unwanted clothing, shoes and other items without leaving their buildings. Donors can access an online donation tax form and learn more about how their donation is helping put local people in need back to work through SFGoodwill. A sensor inside the bin alerts Goodwill for pick-up before it reaches capacity, ensuring that the bin stays tidy. An internal rolling cart system will enable Goodwill drivers to service the bin in less than five minutes per trip.


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