The latest products, services and cleantech applications and how they are tackling some of our most pressing social and environmental issues.

How Autonomous Vehicles Will Help Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

Self-driving cars are on the horizon and widespread adoption holds many promises. On top of reducing collisions and alleviating traffic, autonomous vehicles have the potential to dramatically shrink our carbon footprint. That’s a major win — not only for the public but for businesses, too.

Could Nuclear Power Save Us from Climate Disaster?

A documentary called The New Fire tells a controversial yet hopeful story about the young entrepreneurs fueling a new energy revolution, working to turn a vilified technology — nuclear power — into a global solution to climate change.

Lyft Commits to Full Carbon Neutrality, 100% Renewables

Earlier this year, we announced our Green Cities Initiative, a new business unit dedicating significant resources to tackling climate change. As Lyft continues to grow, we have an increasing responsibility to commit additional resources towards our values in order to maximize the positive impact of the Lyft platform.

Could EVs Be the Secret to a 100% Renewable Grid?

It is possible to unlock a 100 percent renewably powered grid — without any coal, nuclear or gas storage baseload — within the next several years. And any driver or homeowner could contribute to the solution by using electric vehicles (EVs) as mobile batteries that charge at one location when there’s a surge of renewable energy and deliver it back to the grid at another when it’s needed.

The Developing World Is Taking Over Renewable Energy

Last year, the leading economies in renewable energy investment growth were not to be found in North America or even Europe — the leaders in growth were countries often described as developing, such as China, Brazil, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Argentina. These big shifts in renewables investment have, in fact, been emerging since 2004, and portend a strong outlook for continued growth in global renewable energy investment and reaching carbon-reduction targets.

10 Women Entrepreneurs Make Up 1st Cohort of India's POWERED Accelerator

Ten women entrepreneurs have been selected as the first cohort entering the POWERED Accelerator program — a first-of-its-kind accelerator focusing on women-led businesses in the energy value chain, in an effort to address twin Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Gender Equality (SDG 5) and Affordable and Clean Energy (

Trending: Kingfisher, J. M. Smucker Supercharge Renewable Energy Ambitions

Kingfisher plc, the international home improvement company, has unveiled plans to install energy storage batteries at B&Q’s Swindon distribution center. The installations form a key part of Kingfisher’s aim to reduce grid energy consumption across its UK property portfolio, and are the latest milestone in Kingfisher’s strategic roadmap for sustainable growth to 2025, moving the company towards its goal of becoming net positive by 2050.

Breakthroughs Converging to Completely Derail Fossil Fuels

What will ultimately push fossil fuels back the way of the dinosaur? Purely and simply, is it our ethics and our resolve as consumers and brands that will end our dependence on dirty energy. The response to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement — in which business and civic leaders vowed to continue working towards clean energy, anyway — is easily part of the mix. The response demonstrated a deep level of commitment.

Shell CEO ‘Welcomes’ Idea of Banning Petrol in UK Before 2040

Ben van Beurden, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, said he welcomed the idea of bringing forward the UK’s ban on new petrol and diesel car sales that is currently set for 2040. MPs,

CO2 Challenge Seeks New Tech to Help Cargill Decarbonize the Shipping Sector

A new global challenge aims to find and scale new technologies capable of reducing a ship’s gross carbon dioxide emissions by ten percent. Businesses and entrepreneurs with a product in need of commercial assessment, testing, investment and scaling are invited to apply to participate in the “CO2 Challenge,” launched by Cargill in partnership with DNV GL and Rainmaking.

Vancouver Economic Commission: “If We’re an Island of Green, We’re F***ed”

Striving to be the world’s greenest city by 2020, Vancouver has adopted several ambitious action plans and goals. The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) set to work in 2010 to define what a “green job” was at the city level in order to meet the City’s economic goals to double the number of green jobs and the number of businesses engaged in greening their operations within a decade. Since then, VEC has been building relationships with investors, helping local cleantech firms increase their exports, and using city infrastructure projects to lead by example.

Mars Australia to Match 100% of Its Electricity Use with Renewable Energy by 2020

Mars Australia has signed 20 year power-purchase agreements (PPA) with Total Eren to generate the equivalent of 100 percent of Mars’ electricity from renewable energy by 2020. In addition to its latest agreement in Australia, Mars is already using or purchasing renewable electricity to cover 100 percent of its operations in Belgium, Brazil, Lithuania, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Where Next for Subsidies as Electric Vehicles Mainstream?

The future of transport is shaping up electric — by 2040, more than half of all new car sales and a third of global fleet will be electrified, according to research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Its latest forecast shows sales of electric vehicles (EVs) increasing from 1.1 million worldwide in 2017 to 11 million in 2025, then surging to 30 million in 2030 as they become cheaper to produce than internal combustion engine cars.

Bluon Ready to Lead Industry Through Rigmarole of Replacing Refrigerants

As we get ready to judge our semi-finalists in the 2018 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open, we wanted to check in with last year’s semi-finalists to learn about the impacts they continue to have on the business world. Here, we catch up with Bluon Energy.

Immotor’s LEVs, Battery-as-a-Service Model Transforming Transit Worldwide

As we get ready to select our semi-finalists for the 2018 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open, we wanted to check in with last year’s semi-finalists to learn about the impacts they continue to have on the business world. Here, we catch up with Immotor.

4 Hidden Costs of Sustainable Logistics for Small Businesses

These days, there is more pressure than ever on businesses to be environmentally conscious, reduce their impact and do their part to keep the planet healthy. Logistics is a major area of focus for many, with a lot of potential for impact due to traditional transport’s huge fuel and energy requirements.

Technology: The Trojan Horse for Hotel Sustainability

Technology has been quickly evolving into many markets such as clothing, food, health and home, and hotels are certainly no exception. As the industry is disrupted by more privatized options such as AirBnb and VRBO, Bloomberg reports that technology has become “top of mind for hotels,” as they seek to compete by providing amenities and new services for luxury vacationers and business travelers.

Why Business Needs to Collaborate for a Clean Energy Future

Many people assume that tech companies are always competing. But as we celebrate Earth Day this year, we’re feeling grateful for our tech peers. When it comes to the environment, working together allows us to make bigger strides toward our shared sustainability goals — and collaboration is the only way forward.

The US Has a Low-Carbon Vehicle Fuel — But It's Being Thrown Away

The United States generates millions of tons of food scraps; inedible fats, oils and greases; sewage and manure. Some of this organic waste is used for energy or fertilizer, but most of it — around 50 million tons a year — is sent to landfills, incinerated or otherwise left to decompose.

GM, L’Oréal Compete on DOE’s Latest Better Buildings Challenge Swap

In season 4 of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Better Buildings Challenge SWAP web series, energy management teams from General Motors (GM) and L’Oréal USA visit each other’s facilities in search of opportunities to reduce their energy use and save money.


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