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The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

Aiming to Spark a Ripple Effect of Action, Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency

Despite the fact that COVID-19 essentially grounded international travel for the better part of 2020, the tourism industry’s collective decision to address the climate emergency has gained exponential momentum over the last few months.

Complementary Studies Provide Glimpses into Consumers’ Minds During Most Difficult Year in Modern History

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Amidst the uncertainty of the world in a global pandemic, two key pieces of 2020 research offered hope and optimism about what purpose-driven brands can achieve in 2021 — buoyed by new attitudes, opinions, and desires from consumers.

Trending: Brands, Investors Show They’re Banking on Net-Zero Transition

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. As 2020 finally winds down; a number of investor, brand and banking initiatives shows that this year’s many challenges haven’t derailed major global efforts to achieve, at minimum, a net-zero future.

Supply Chain Partnership to Aid Small Ag Businesses Impacted by COVID

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Root Capital, Keurig Dr Pepper, USAID and Ezrah Charitable Trust will help 150,000 farmers across Africa, Latin America and Indonesia; to withstand the current pandemic and build their resiliency for years to come.

A Return to Atlantis, Part I: Infrastructure on the Brink

Every aspect of coastal infrastructure will be impacted by sea level rise; and the sheer size of the problem is difficult to comprehend. We can’t just turn Venice, California into Venice, Italy; but there are things we can do to protect our coastal communities and infrastructure.

The Next Frontier for Fairtrade: Living Incomes in Cocoa

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. Two forward-thinking brands have deepened their Fairtrade partnerships by making additional financial commitments to cocoa farmers in their supply chains.

The Cost of Convenience: Is Holiday Shopping Undermining Our Communities?

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. Yes, Virginia … There is a way to deliver both convenience and community this holiday season. It requires brands and retailers to lead with purpose, knowing that profit — both short- (i.e., purchases) and long-term (customer loyalty) — will follow.

Lessons from a Very Difficult Year

Life presents us with opportunities to learn lessons every day; whether we choose to take the lessons to heart is up to us. 2020 has provided exceptional opportunities for learning by forcing us to face exceptionally difficult circumstances.

What’s Your Organization’s Carbon Budget?

The reduction in total carbon emissions due to COVID-19 just about equals the annual reduction we need to put in place over the next decade. That’s quite a challenge — and it will require us to examine every aspect of our organizations’ operations.

New Farm Powered Strategic Alliance Highlights Circular Solution to Food Waste, GHG Reduction

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Unilever, Starbucks and Dairy Farmers of America have joined the historic alliance, which calls on the food industry to embrace the simple, circular relationship between food waste and its potential to reduce greenhouse gases.

‘Shipageddon’ Isn’t Just About Deliverability — It’s About Sustainability

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. The impacts of shipageddon will extend far beyond the processing of the glut of holidays packages. Are companies prepared to fulfill the surge in orders? And are packaging companies ensuring both product safety and the planet’s longevity?

The Moment of Truth for Urban Mobility Decarbonization Is Upon Us

Urban mobility has continued to evolve along with humans’ changing need for transport. Here are a few emerging technologies, public-private partnerships and city design initiatives fueling the transition to a sustainable future for urban mobility.

Corporate-Backed Tech Accelerator's Innovation Ecosystem to Foster Climate Solutions

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. Backed by 9 corporate giants representing $3T in market cap and 9 investor partners with $2B in assets, the D3 tech accelerator will help commercialize and scale an inaugural cohort of almost 50 climate-innovation startups.

Research: In a Post-COVID 2021, Fashion Will Trend Toward Sustainability

Based on research conducted by the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol in 2020, here are three trends we can expect from the apparel industry — as we emerge from COVID-19 and toward a more sustainable future.

IKEA, Unilever Sowing More Seeds for a Plant-Based Food Future

With the global plant-based meat and foods markets growing like a tsunami, it’s no wonder that more and more global food companies are positioning themselves to ride the wave.

Trending: H&M, Houdini Eliminating More Waste from Fashion

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. H&M’s latest collection includes garments made from recycled metals; circular, bio-based fabrics and food waste; while Houdini Sportswear has open-sourced the design of its Mono Air Houdi, to guide the industry toward further circularity.

Issues and Values in the Age of Pandemics, Disruption and Division

Cross-Posted from Walking the Talk. I call the tying together of identity, values and purchasing “corporate citizenshop,” and it is growing — even in the midst of a pandemic, global economic issues, political uncertainty and much more.

Electric Vehicles, Renewable Fuels Can Coexist in a Clean Energy Future

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. The future of alternative energy will not be based on a single solution. Options are much more likely to include “all of the above” answers, using both electricity and proven alternatives such as biodiesel.

Why Wait for Regulation — Instead of Doing Better Now?

Cross-Posted from Business Case. Corporations are afraid of their costs rising — shareholder interests demand a high return on investment in order for companies to remain profitable and competitive. But it simply will not remain viable to be a corporation that doesn’t address its impact on the environment.


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