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The Next Economy

The myriad new models and processes aimed at fixing the flaws in capitalism and laying the groundwork for practical, alternative economic frameworks designed to benefit all stakeholders.

Drink Even More Responsibly: Bonterra Wines Are Farmed Like the World Depends on It

The certified B Corp winery has achieved climate neutrality, zero waste and Regenerative Organic Certification — setting a new standard for future-friendly wines.

New Study Uses Norway as Test Case for Achieving Circularity, Net Zero by 2040

Norway is the first country to scrutinize such a comprehensive scope of plastic sectors, making this study one of the most holistic views of a national plastic system ever presented.

Mixed-Income, Net-Zero Community Under Development in Michigan

THRIVE Collaborative designed Veridian from an honest look at what is actually required for a housing community to achieve net-zero goals.

Alarming IPCC Report Makes It Clear: We Can’t Wait to Invest in Nature

Nature-based solutions aren’t a silver-bullet climate solution, but neither is placing all bets on future technologies. If we don't invest in nature now, we can soon expect to spend far more on climate damage with far fewer paths forward.

Recenter and Accelerate: Japanese Brands Discuss Future-Proofing the Country’s Economy

“How is the world transforming itself, and how is that going to be linked to corporate activities? We need to achieve symbiosis with that.” — Akihiro Inatsugi, Bridgestone

McKinsey: Circular Economy for Cement Could Be Worth €110B by 2050

The concrete industry is responsible for 8% of all global carbon emissions; and 30-40% of today’s solid waste is created through the construction and maintenance of the built environment.

Investor Coalition to Engage Seafood Sector on Key Nature Risks, Impacts

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. New WWF research shows some banks and investors recognize the potential for ESG risks in seafood but most lack robust or actionable policies.

How Costa Rica’s Decarbonization Plans Aim to Protect ‘Pura Vida’

Costa Rica is highly exposed to climate-change risks. But the tiny, lush, Central American country is leading a quiet revolution in how it both adapts to such changes and mitigates its own GHGs.

Linked Climate Variability Between Distant Regions Highlights Interconnectivity of Global Climate Change

A new report on teleconnections between the Amazon rainforest and the Tibetan Plateau creates new understanding of interconnected tipping elements and their perilously close tipping points: “The major lesson here is that it’s a small world.”

Truly Closing the Loop: The ‘Recyclable’ vs ‘Circular’ Distinction

Cross-Posted from Chemistry, Materials & Packaging. The term 'recycling' has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, but the nuances between ‘recyclable’ and ‘circular’ are often misunderstood. Understanding the distinction between the two is crucial in achieving a sustainable future.

What Would the Naturalist President, Teddy Roosevelt, Make of the Business-Nature Relationship in 2023?

In his assessment, Roosevelt might consider three fundamental, ongoing developments — as the business world finally begins to recognize the role of healthy ecosystems in a healthy economy.

3 Energy and Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2023

Cross-Posted from Cleantech. With the year in full swing, we expect to see further innovations to increase energy efficiency, reduce water consumption; and overall, advance sustainability in the energy industry.

Sobering Report Says Auto Industry Will Spend Remaining Carbon Budget Well Ahead of Schedule

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. Commissioned by EV makers Polestar and Rivian, the report details three levers that need to be pulled in unison and at full tilt for the industry to meet critical climate-action targets.

Report: People in US More Concerned Over Climate Than Ever

Yale’s latest ‘Climate Change in the American Mind’ report reveals respondents’ feelings about climate change and the role of business and government in driving meaningful action — beginning with a transition to clean energy.

Economic Centers in China, US Top Global Ranking for Climate and Extreme Weather Risks

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. “Since extensive built infrastructure generally overlaps with high levels of economic activity and capital value, it is imperative that the physical risk of climate change is appropriately understood and priced."

NZAOA Updates Protocols to Provide Clearer Path to Portfolio Decarbonization

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Investment portfolio emissions make up the lion’s share of an asset owner’s footprint. The Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance’s newest Protocol aims to fight inertia in pro-climate financing and get investor portfolios in line with science by 2050.

Store Shelves of the Future: Packaging for a Circular Economy

Cross-Posted from From Purpose to Action: Building a Sustainable Future Together. We recently gathered leaders from McKinsey, Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive to ponder what consumer products and their packaging will look like in 2035 and beyond.

England’s Partial Single-Use Plastic Ban Greeted with Lukewarm Response

Cross-Posted from Waste Not. Starting in October, the country will phase out a variety of single-use plastic products; but most think it does not go far enough to tackle pollution and waste.

Brands Grapple with Sustainable Growth in Crowded, Stalling, Alternative-Protein Market

Industry players must keep making their products even more attractive, appeal to older generations and bring down costs. Only then can we address the significant environmental impacts of animal agriculture while satisfying the meat-loving masses.

National Coalition Launches Community- and Equity-Driven '30x30' Agenda for Nature

The 150-member America the Beautiful for All Coalition brings diverse experiences and perspectives to the frontline fight to save 30 percent of US land, fresh water and ocean by 2030.