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Twinings Puts Communities First with New SDG-Aligned Framework

Just days after WWF and ISEAL released a new report highlighting the importance of aligning sustainability standards with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), tea brand Twinings announced a new framework designed to improve the lives of tea workers in its supply chain.

Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable Releases Toolkit for Sustainability Planning

The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) has launched a new Future Scenarios Toolkit in an effort to provide informed future planning guidance. The toolkit offers companies a clear and robust framework to analyze potential future scenarios regarding impacts (social, environmental, governmental, etc.) to their business, their supply chain, and their production, as well as successfully prepare to tackle those scenarios.

Governance and Sustainability: The New Normal

Wild fires, flooding, distracted driving and emotional wellness concerns cost Canadians billions of dollars in 2016.

Policy Wonking Could Be Relevant, Maybe Fun? A Review of the Social Costs of Carbon

The third of a three-part proposal for using sustainability to recharge America's problem-solving. Read parts one and two.

Q&A: How DONG Energy Plans to Phase Out Coal by 2023

Back in 2006, Danish energy company DONG Energy was one of the most coal-intensive utilities in Europe, with only 15 percent of its heat and power coming from renewables. In just one decade, the company has completely transformed itself into one of Europe’s cleanest, most sustainable energy companies. Fifty-five percent of DONG’s heat and power is now renewable, and Denmark’s largest energy company now ranks 11th on the Carbon Clean 200 list — a ranking of 200 companies from around the world that are profiting from sustainable energy.

4 Reasons Youth Innovation Challenges Should Be Part of Your Sustainability Rebrand

Despite – and/or because of – the recent seismic shift in U.S. political leadership on sustainability, companies are looking for ways to continue embracing corporate action that makes both economic and environmental sense.

Unilever Unveils Game-Changing Fragrance Transparency Initiative

Multinational consumer goods company Unilever announced a new transparency measure today that will provide consumers with access to additional fragrance ingredient information for its personal care products.

On 40 Years Watching the Sustainable Business Field

The second of a three-part proposal for using sustainability to recharge America's problem-solving.

DONG Energy, Tetra Pak Announce Bold New Climate Goals

There’s no stopping the low carbon economy. Two major announcements from DONG Energy and Tetra Pak could set new industry standards and pave the way for others to follow suit. DONG Energy has decided to phase out the use of coal at its power stations entirely by 2023. The decision is in line with the company’s goal of reducing its CO2 emissions in power and heat generation by 96 percent compared to 2006.

Why 98% of Companies Do Not Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Many CEOs want to make a difference. Convinced that companies should play a positive role in environmental stewardship and social development, they declare sustainability a top priority, launch a transformation program, hire a chief sustainability officer, and commit millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of management time to the effort. Then momentum fades. It’s a frustrating setback—and a common one. A new report released Bain & Company, finds that only 2 percent of corporate sustainability programs achieve or exceed their aims, compared to 12 percent of other corporate transformation programs.

America’s Broken Systems: A Case for Sustainable Design?

The first of a three-part proposal for using sustainability to recharge America's problem-solving.

WEF: Reports Provide Glimpses Into the Minds of CEOs, 'Uncompromising Customers'

This week at the action-packed World Economic Forum in Davos, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) launched its 2017 Trends Report, which highlights the ‘uncompromising’ nature of today’s customer, who increasingly expects brands to deliver experienc

In the Race to Build a Renewably Powered Internet, Amazon, Netflix Lag Behind

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to manufacture and power our devices, data centers and infrastructural needs. And with an energy footprint accounting for approximately 7 percent of global electricity, the IT industry has an important role to play in the transition towards clean energy.

Panera Eliminates Artificial Preservatives to Achieve 100% Clean Goal

Two years after it pledged to eliminate artificial additives from its menu by the end of 2016, Panera Bread has released a new campaign in celebration of meeting its goal.

Trending: More Energy Giants Shift Away from Fossil Fuels, Find Future in Renewables

Energy giants Statoil and BP are part of a growing number of utilities future-fitting their operations to better compete in the emerging low-carbon economy. The two companies have recently invested in new wind and solar power projects across Europe, demonstrating their commitment to transition away from fossil fuels.

Enriched Pro Bono Services Improving Employee Motivation at Japanese Consultancies

Leading Japanese consulting companies including Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting (DTC) and Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting (MURC) are actively enhancing their pro bono businesses. Rather than it being simply voluntary work, their aim is to use their employees’ specialized skills to help social businesses and the NPO/NGO sector, thereby increasing their employees’ positive motivations and, as a side effect, enhancing their companies’ social reputations.

Building a Society of Sustainable Mobility: Nissan SVP and CSO Hitoshi Kawaguchi

The Chief Sustainability Officer is a crucial position within any business, working at the very core of a company’s sustainability strategy. When Nissan decided to appoint its first CSO, CEO Carlos Ghosn personally chose SVP Hitoshi Kawaguchi for the job. We spoke to Kawaguchi about Nissan’s approach to CSR and CSV (Creating Shared Value) and the role each plays in working towards a society of sustainable mobility.

How Community Connections Can Drive the Long-Term Sustainability of Your Business

Giving back to the communities that supply your business with labor and raw materials isn’t just a matter of ethics or public relations; it’s also a wise business practice to adopt for its own sake. Taking care of the people who live and work in your company’s shadow ensures the long-term sustainability of your supply chain and improves the quality of the talent pool that may someday produce your best and brightest employees.

Creating the Workplace of the Future Through Biophilic Design

The health and wellbeing of a company’s workforce is integral to building a sustainable brand and retaining top talent. Because of this, the millennial workforce has pushed companies to alter office spaces to better fit their needs. One-third of office workers said the design of an office would affect their decision to work for a company; given this, brands are choosing to renovate or move to new spaces in an effort to improve the way their employees work and attract new talent.

'Incorporated' Portrays Business in a World Ravaged by Climate Change

Last week saw the premiere of “Incorporated,” a dystopian Syfy series produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.


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