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New Business Models Disrupting Mobility in Latin America

New analysis from business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has revealed that the Latin American market is undergoing a rapid paradigm shift in regards to mobility, with greater emphasis being placed on the creation of an on-demand, integrated, multi-modal mobility network. The transition is being driven by changing demographics, preferences and technology.

How to Start a Sustainable Small Business

Does the phrase “sustainable small business” refer to a small business that contributes to environmental sustainability or to a small business that will last? The answer is both.

Vatican Unveils Climate Change Accelerator Finalists

The Vatican might seem an unlikely backdrop for cutting-edge climate change technology, but Stephen Forte of Fresco Capital Fund and Imagine Ventures’ Eric Harr are helping turn the Holy See into a hub for sustainability through their fledgling Laudato Si startup accelerator.

Cargill, Techstars Aim to Future-Fit the Food System with Farm-to-Fork Accelerator

Cargill is betting on tech to future-fit the food system: the agricultural giant has partnered with Techstars and Ecolab to launch the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator in an effort to accelerate food industry innovation. Based in Minneapolis, MN, the Accelerator will kick off in the summer of 2018.

Trending: High-Tech Shipping Crates, Precision Technology Poised to Revolutionize Urban Ag

Between a growing global population — which is estimated to reach 9.5 billion by 2050 — rapid urbanization and climate change, shifting agricultural to a more sustainable model is essential for safeguarding the future of our food system. Startups in the United States and Singapore are ready to rise to the challenge, championing food sustainability through new technologies and infrastructure solutions designed with urban environments in mind.

More Gifts That Keep on Giving: Sustainable Brands' 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Sustainable products geeks rejoice, for 'tis once again the season of giving! And what better way to celebrate and participate than with gifts whose buying and giving creates more cheer, health, beauty and financial stability while eliminating waste, pollution and carbon emissions around the world? Here are just a few of our favorite discoveries this year of products we'd be proud to give. Waste Not You know we’re big fans of upcycling, here at SB! Here are just a few of the waste-turned-products we loved this year:

Unilever Brings Sustainable Beauty to the Masses with Love Beauty and Planet Line

Just one month after the launch of its new natural personal care product line ApotheCARE Essentials, Unilever has rolled out yet another responsible beauty brand: Love Beauty and Planet. And it’s kind of a big deal — unlike ApotheCARE Essentials, which has a limited distribution, LBP is being launched on a large scale.

New Turbine Technology Makes Zero-Emissions Fossil Fuel Power Plants a Reality

A low-carbon future is our best bet at mitigating climate change, but eliminating the use of fossil fuels is unlikely to happen overnight. According to the International Energy Agency, the burning of fossil fuels is likely to continue through 2040. Finding ways to reduce impacts in the interim is, therefore, essential. North Carolina startup NET Power has found a way to power the transition to a CO2-free future without parting ways with fossil fuels with its pioneering turbine technology.

Trending: New Plant-Based Solutions for Non-Recyclable Health, Home Products

While there’s plenty of discussion surrounding single-use plastics — namely straws, water bottles, food packaging, coffee stirrers, etc. — the topic of disposable needle counters doesn’t typically enter into the conversation. But with hospitals across the US generating more than 12,000 tons of waste per day — 30 percent of which come from operating rooms — reducing the use of non-renewable plastics in healthcare is imperative.

Trending: Harnessing Big Data, IoT for Enhanced Supply Chain, ESG Performance

Big data and IoT are back in the news, as real-time cargo tracking and monitoring service Arviem scores a Green Supply Chain 2017 Award for advancing supply chain transparency and UNEP calls for greater collaboration between Africa’s public and private sector to develop solutions for pressing social and environmental problems.

USGBC Adopts Resilient Design Standard to Adapt Buildings, Neighborhoods to Changing Climate

While the LEED rating system has faced criticism for its narrow scope, hefty price tag and preference for context-ignorant cleantech, a new resilient construction standard developed by global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting and Eaton Corporation could prove to be a critical tool in helping city planners, architects, developers, governments and businesses design buildings, neighborhoods and buildings better equipped

How Organic Underwear Can Help Save the World

In an era where brands are becoming increasingly socially conscious to keep up with societal trends, Marc Skid is no exception. The recently launched online underwear retailer is using the finest, sustainably grown materials to provide its customers both a high-quality product and an opportunity to donate to feed, cure and save the world.

Perfect Sustainable Product Design Needs to Start with a Circle

Electronic waste is the world’s fastest-growing waste stream, and according to a United Nations report, it’s projected that 50 million tons of e-waste will be accumulated by 2018.

Toilet Board Coalition Rallies Global Businesses Around Sanitation Economy

According to the World Health Organization (WTO) 1 in 3 people don’t have access to a clean and safe toilet. The Toilet Board Coalition (TBC), along with LIXIL Group Corporation (LIXIL) - a manufacturer of building materials, Firmenich and Kimberly-Clark are working together to transform sanitation systems into a smart, sustainable and revenue-generating economy.

Unilever Enters Natural Beauty Space with Launch of ApotheCARE Essentials

After recently receiving straight A’s on CDP’s A-List for its approach to climate change, water and deforestation, consumer goods giant Unilever is making moves to expand its portfolio of natural care hair and skincare offerings. The new line of products will target the growing number of consumers seeking more natural, responsible personal care products.

World Bank Group Names 20 African Startups to Participate in Digital Acceleration Program

Selected from a pool of over 900 applicants, 20 promising African digital startups will participate in the XL Africa residency, the flagship initiative of the business accelerator launched by the World Bank Group’s infoDev program last April. Running from November 6 – 17 in Cape Town, South Africa, selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from their mentors and peers, increase their regional visibility and get access to potential corporate partners and investors.

The Nature Conservancy, Techstars Team Up to Launch Sustainability Accelerator

The Nature Conservancy has embarked on a first-of-its-kind partnership with entrepreneurial network Techstars to launch the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, which aims to identify entrepreneurs with commercially viable technologies to address pressing environmental and social issues.

Makersite Offers Faster Analysis of Product Sustainability, Costs, Supply Chain Stewardship

Today at SB’17 Copenhagen, Makersite co-founder Christoph Wilfert will take attendees through the new features and expanded functionality of the all-in-one open data platform for eco-design, product costing and stewardship. Product teams use it to analyse and collaborate on how things are made and to improve the impacts of making them.

Hey, Logistics Sector – Let’s Talk About the Space Between Your Wheels

The genius physicist Albert Einstein once said, “If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” This philosophy acts as a backbone of Pauline Dawes’ idea to truly revolutionise the trucking industry. It is very simple: By using the empty space between the wheels on trailers, the sector can cut down on the amount of journeys being made, saving money, fuel and carbon in the process. It was while working as a director in the logistics sector, and doing an MBA at Manchester Business School, that Dawes was struck by the idea for SOMI Trailers.

Trending: Spiders, Butterfly Wings Inspire New Solutions for Urban Ag, Renewables

Innovators continue to look to nature to create new solutions to tackle everything from water scarcity and depletion to climate change.

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