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Walking the Talk

These companies have moved beyond pledges and are making good on their commitments to pursuing a purpose beyond profit.

Generating Win-Wins: 4 Key Ingredients of Successful Social-Purpose Marketing

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. For a purpose-driven business, marketing must transform from traditional advertising to building a social-purpose ecosystem, requiring a fundamental shift in the way marketing is integrated and delivered. In a recent webinar, BCLC, PepsiCo and CLMBR discussed how they are shifting their marketing strategies to accelerate social purpose.

As Tourism Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels, This Hotel Chain Aims to Take Conscious Travel to New Heights

Naumi Hotels is raising the bar for eco-tourism with its holistic, conscious model — which includes repurposing existing buildings, incorporating living elements and providing employment for low-income women in India.

Are We on the Path to Systemic Change … or to Something Only Slightly Better?

This week at SB’22 San Diego, over 1K sustainability practitioners have converged to share insights, tools, inspiration and opportunities for collaboration with the goal of building a regenerative future for all. Here, we hear highlights from our day two keynotes, which centered around resurfacing past lessons to propel us forward.

Authentic, Verified Information Will Elevate Your Brand’s Climate Credentials

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Climate action is increasingly important to incorporate into a brand’s value proposition to customers and consumers. These four steps will enable brand managers to take clear and meaningful actions — which, in turn, can connect with consumers and differentiate products in the market.

Recession or Not, Brands Must Go Long on ESG

Rather than undoing years’ worth of progress, brands must double down on ESG strategies that can (and will) continue to bear fruit.

Why Employees Are 12x More Likely to Recommend Purpose-Driven Brands

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. In a world where the mistreatment of employees, supply chain workers and/or the planet will quickly go public through a social post or a company review, ensure your organization’s internal beliefs and behaviors align with your external actions and communications.

3rd Annual Fairtrade Mural Campaign Reminds Us All to Prioritize a Fair Deal for Farmers

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. By celebrating the growers behind popular chocolate and tea brands, the murals remind the public to ‘Choose the world you want’ by supporting products and brands that help give farmers a sustainable livelihood.

Selfridges & Circularity: Signs of a Shift, But Still a Bit Short

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. More brands seem to be taking a two-pronged approach to growth — continuing to sell new products while demonstrating their ‘care’ for the planet through circular initiatives and takeback schemes. When will companies truly commit to changing the products they sell and how they sell them?

‘The Way Out Is In:’ 7 Practices for Overcoming Hopelessness in Pursuit of a Just, Flourishing World

Cross-Posted from Leadership. During difficult times, we have a choice to either be daring or retreat into a hole. So, the invitation is open to all of us to move beyond busyness, overwhelm and burnout and come back to our centre — so that we can touch our grief, recognize who we are and find a pathway to renewal.

This Company Is Sowing the Seeds for a Scalable Regenerative Ag Revolution

Cross-Posted from Product, Service & Design Innovation. Regrow’s climate-smart digital platform is making regenerative farming accessible and scalable for scientists, farm advisors, growers and conservationists, while pushing food giants toward their net-zero goals.

BCLC: How a Gambling Corporation Transformed into a Social Purpose Company

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. A gambling corporation may seem like the antithesis of ‘social good;’ but for BCLC, this is exactly why a gambling company should pivot to a social-purpose model: “People can look and say, ‘Hey, if a gambling company can bring in a social purpose; then, surely my company can do this as well.’”

John Oliver’s Inconvenient Truth: The Voluntary Carbon Market’s Biggest Problem Is the Market Itself

Cross-Posted from The Next Economy. By failing to acknowledge our industry’s flaws, we could hinder meaningful progress on real issues going forward — namely, making sure carbon offsets actually contribute to reducing GHG emissions.

US Public Agrees: Companies Cannot Adequately Address Climate Issues Without Including Racial Justice

New survey of US adults and C-suite about the role of business in addressing environmental justice shows disconnect for the latter on the link between the environment and racial equity.

The Hidden Cost of Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Cross-Posted from Finance & Investment. Companies with significant ESG commitments to shareholders will not be able to hold investments in cryptocurrencies or NFTs and still meet their sustainability goals; public companies with these technologies in their portfolios will be responsible for the emissions created by their investments.

Tazo’s Transition to Regenerative Organic a Linchpin of Tea Industry’s Sustainability Ambitions

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. The tea brand’s ‘Regenerative Roadmap’ aims to completely reimagine the way Tazo creates its teas, and plays a key role in industry giant ekaterra’s overarching sustainability strategy.

Ben & Jerry’s, Tony’s Chocolonely Begin ‘Love A-Fair’ in Name of 100% Slavery-Free Chocolate

Cross-Posted from Supply Chain. The two companies known for their passion for social justice and ethical chocolate have joined forces to end modern slavery and child labor in the cocoa industry.

New Research Highlights the Importance of Evolving Wildlife Tourism Policies

Recent findings and the popularity of wildlife tourism show that tour operators should have an animal welfare policy in place alongside other social responsibility protocols that should evolve as new information becomes available. Travel companies needing to develop or update such a policy can begin with the tips below.

Just Capital Highlights 100 Companies Advancing Racial Equity, Opportunity for Workers and Communities

Cross-Posted from Organizational Change. Companies cannot afford to ignore racial equity or neglect cultivating inclusive opportunity and mobility; their shareholders, employees, communities and customers are all paying attention to how they bring their commitments to life through action.

5 Principles of Trustworthy ESG Data

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Without established goals, ongoing monitoring and disclosure for accountability, progress will never be made. Organizations can instill trust in their ESG data by ensuring it’s on 'TRACK.'

How to Build a Whole Brand — and Why You Want to

Cross-Posted from Marketing and Comms. Holistic thinking has a positive impact on a brand’s market share and ensures it stands on the right side of history. Brands that solely rely on marketing will be severely disadvantaged, especially as more and more consumers choose brands that align with their values over ones that don’t.