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Trending: New Savvy Solutions for Redistributing Landfill-Bound Food in the UK

(1 year ago) - Around 7 million tons of food go to waste each year in the UK, but local startups and organizations are dreaming up new and noteworthy ways to tackle the growing problem. Action Hunger, a charity committed to alleviating poverty and hardship among the homeless, has created a novel solution for simultaneously providing essential items to those in need and diverting food from landfill: vending machines.

Trending: Food-Focused Tech Solutions Helping Slash Waste While Recouping Revenue

(1 year ago) - Food waste may be on the rise, but startups across the globe are developing new solutions to drive waste — and costs — down to an all-time low.

Dow Makes Moves to Reduce Marine Plastic Pollution in Japan, Indonesia

(1 year ago) - According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), up to 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the world’s oceans annually. In 2016, The Dow Chemical Company announced a commitment to spend $2.8 million over the next two years to drive solutions that address global marine debris and litter. Dow is now making good on that promise with new efforts in Japan and Indonesia.

Trending: Step Change in Design, Recycling Efforts Essential for Addressing E-Waste

(1 year ago) - In today’s digitally dependent world, e-waste management is a critical issue that requires urgent attention from both the public and private sector.

Trending: Public, Private Sector Unveil Strategies to Eliminate To-Go Beverage Waste

(1 year ago) - Single-serve beverage waste is on the fast-track to obsolescence as startups, multinationals and local governments unveil strategies to keep cups, straws and plastic bottles out of landfill.

WRAP Reports Food Waste Progress Under Courtauld Commitment 2025

(1 year ago) - One year after the launch of the Courtauld Commitment 2025, WRAP has published its first Review of work underway in the food and beverage sector as a result of the voluntary agreement.

Trending: Improved Resource Efficiency Signals Major Win for Circularity in Fashion, Carpet, Steel

(1 year ago) - Circular principles continue to drive a more sustainable future, as the fashion, carpet and steel industries zero in on resource efficiency and innovative raw materials.

Sustainable Surf, MAFIA Bags Launch Sustainable Daypack Made Entirely from Waste

(1 year ago) - Sustainable Surf, a nonprofit focused on protecting ocean health, has teamed up with Swiss designer Yves Béhar and MAFIA Bags, a Bay Area-based brand making bags and backpacks from upcycled sails, to create an urban adventure bag that supports the local community and diverts valuable resources from landfill.

WRAP Releases Date Label Guidance to Drive Down UK Food Waste

(1 year ago) - Households in the UK waste two million tons of food each year simply by not consuming it in time. A third of this food waste is the result of the result of a confusing and counterintuitive labeling system. WRAP, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Defra have teamed up to change the way food is labeled and ultimately tackle the critical issue of food waste.

3 Scottish Cities Gain 'Zero Waste Town' Status

(1 year ago) - While a recent report from waste management firm Suez has expressed concern about the potential “disastrous” consequences of Brexit on the UK’s already taxed waste infrastructure system, Scotland is forging ahead with its plans to create a Zero Waste future. Late last week, MSP Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, announced the cities chosen for phase two of Zero Waste Scotland’s Zero Waste Towns project.

Trending: Closed-Loop Solutions Ramp Up Recycling Rates for Batteries, Contact Lenses

(1 year ago) - While coffee cup recycling is just beginning to gather steam, previously hard-to-recycle products such as lead batteries and contacts are demonstrating surprisingly high recycling rates.

Trending: Coffee Grounds Poised to Power Future for Sustainable Transport, Fashion

(1 year ago) - Your morning cup of java could be good for more than just a caffeine buzz — Shell and Vancouver-based sustainable clothing company LEZÉ the Label are fueling a sustainable future with the help of waste coffee grounds.

Trending: Resource Optimization Is Driving the Future of Food

(1 year ago) - In the face of climate change, embracing new methods of agricultural production, consuming responsibly and adopting circular business models will be critical to forging a sustainable future and achieving both income and food security.

WWF, AHLA, Rockefeller Foundation Launch Food Waste Reduction Toolkit

(1 year ago) - The hotel industry continues to pursue a food waste-free future as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), The Rockefeller Foundation and the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) release a toolkit with strategies to help hotel properties and brands meet measurable, time-bound goals to reduce food waste. The resources are based on the results of a set of projects demonstrating innovative strategies aimed at reducing food waste in the hotel industry.

Planetarians Aiming to Fight Childhood Obesity with Food Waste

(1 year ago) - Extrusion technology is opening new doors for circularity within the food industry, allowing brands to transform food waste into nutritious food products instead of fodder for landfill. Planetarians is one such brand putting the method to the test, creating high-fiber, high-protein snacks that it says can tackle childhood obesity.

Gold, Silver Flowing Through Swiss Sewers Could Provide Path to Circular Future

(1 year ago) - Wastewater that’s worth the likes of gold? What would seem like a farfetched concept is reality in Switzerland, where 95 pounds of gold find their way into Swiss sewage each year — the equivalent of US$1,947,925.60. The build up is the result of the country’s iconic watch-making trade, which sees 70 percent of the world’s gold pass through Swiss gold-refining plants each year. So what to do with all this gold?

Guest-imator Tool Takes Guesswork (and Food Waste) Out of Thanksgiving Planning

(1 year ago) - Just in time for Thanksgiving, Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) Save the Food national public service campaign have launched a digital portion planning calculator designed to reduce the amount of food, money and resources that go to waste around the holiday.

Trending: The War on Food Waste Rages On ... No Thanks to You, Londoners

(1 year ago) - Around a third of all food that is produced is lot at some point across the food supply chain. Globally, this equates to around 1.6 gigatons (GT) of food waste, of which 1.3 GT is still edible at the time of disposal. A new technology developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia promises to make food waste a thing of the past, transforming discarded fruits and vegetables into healthy snacks. Researchers at CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre have developed a method to return lost food-grade biomass to the food supply chain as value-added ingredients and food products.

Trending: Finally, Real Solutions to Tackle Coffee Cup Waste

(1 year ago) - With millions of disposable coffee cups finding their way into landfill each year, businesses and local authorities across the globe have been searching for ways to increase recycling and recovery of the single-use item. Building on the success of previous in-store cup and pilot recycling schemes, major brands in the UK have launched two permanent solutions for scaling coffee cup recycling.

How Companies ‘Seeing Goldmines in Landfills’ Are Refashioning Textiles

(1 year ago) - Want to subvert the traditional apparel supply chain? You must possess a “little bit of craziness,” according to Giulio Bonazzi, CEO and president of Aquafil, an Italian company that transforms abandoned fishing nets and castoff bits of carpet into good-as-new nylon fibers. Speaking on a panel at the Textile Sustainability Conference in Washington, D.C., last week, Bonazzi noted that his propensity for seeing goldmines in landfills hasn’t always drawn plaudits. In fact, he was often ridiculed.

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