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Nicolas Guichoux

Chief Program Officer
Marine Stewardship Council

Originally from Brittany, the main fishing region in France, Nicolas was concerned by the increasing impact of fishing on the environment and livelihoods. In 2002, he joined the MSC and developed the organisation's Continental European Programme. He is currently responsible for the delivery of MSC's global commercial and fisheries outreach; delivery of relevant elements of MSC's Strategic Plan goals, targets and objectives; and the motivation and leadership of MSC's regional teams based in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Americas.

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Harnessing Business Purpose to Safeguard Our Oceans
Harnessing Business Purpose to Safeguard Our Oceans

Collaboration / Our Ocean 2019 gathered leaders from government, business and civil society to discuss solutions and actions for a clean healthy and productive ocean. It set the stage for bold action to safeguard our oceans — and the sense of urgency is mounting. - 1 year ago

Q&A: MSC on Its Plan to Put Fishing on a 'Pathway to Sustainability'
Q&A: MSC on Its Plan to Put Fishing on a 'Pathway to Sustainability'

Supply Chain / With the Our Ocean conference taking place in Bali, Indonesia, this week, ocean sustainability has been a hot topic: The event burst with sweeping commitments from the public and private sector alike aimed at cleaning up and protecting this precious resource. One such commitment came from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which launched a £1 million Ocean Stewardship Fund. - 2 years ago

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