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Behavior Change
Morningstar Farms Docu-Series Tells 5 ‘Veg Effect’ Stories of ‘When Less Meats More’

From a veg-loving hip-hop family from Atlanta, to butchers who support ‘Meatless Mondays,’ the new docu-series The Veg EffectTM features five unique, personal stories from across the United States. Through the series, frozen veggie foods brand Morningstar Farms aims to demonstrate how people making small changes to their eating habits “can lead to a world of difference.”

  • Stic, a vegan hip-hop artist and co-founder of Dead Prez from Atlanta, Georgia. Stic admits he wasn’t always so healthy, but found the “healing properties” of a veggie-heavy diet after meeting his wife;
  • Danielle Burgio, a stuntwoman in Los Angeles, California, who proves that meat and potatoes aren’t the only things that “make a body kick butt;”
  • Barédu Ahmed, an Assistant Director at the American Embassy of Dance from Washington, D.C. who balanced her ambitions, relationships, and family’s Ethiopian traditions on her journey to becoming a vegetarian;
  • Trey Nichols and James Holtslag, butchers in San Diego, California, who believe in the “power of plants” and care as much about the quality of the meat they serve as they do the land it takes to raise it; and
  • Dave Thibodeau, the founder of Ska Brewing in Colorado, who mixes his love for Ska music, beer, comic books and passion for the great outdoors into his life as a vegetarian and conservationist.

Each episode begins with the statement: “Changing the world starts with one simple question. What should I eat today?” and runs between 7 and 14 minutes in length. The series is part of Morningstar Farms’ larger “Just What the World Ordered” campaign, which focuses on different dietary changes in favor of consuming more plants and less meat for the benefit of the planet.

In support of the claim that plant-based diets are far better for the environment, Morningstar Farms recently commissioned Quantis to perform a life cycle assessment comparing meatless/veggie meals with those containing meat, and Morningstar Farms’ products against the equivalent amount of comparable meat products. The study found that there was at least a 40 percent lower impact on the overall environment when American adults eat a plant-based meal compared to a meal containing meat.

The Veg Effect is available now on YouTube and on demand through Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. MorningStar Farms partnered with FilmBuff for the docu-series release and distribution.

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