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Growing the Market with Averted Plastic

“Averted Plastic” encompasses any mismanaged plastic waste. Oceanworks has expanded its marketplace to include this material — incentivizing entrepreneurs worldwide to divert all plastic waste into economical recycling programs.

Plastic is a ubiquitous part of our world and an indispensable input for hundreds of millions of products. But single-use plastics are the biggest culprit when it comes to pollution and mismanagement; and the ongoing pandemic is only increasing volume — from PPE to takeaway containers. Despite the endless and growing volume, less than 10 percent of the estimated 250 million tons of plastic waste generated each year is actually recycled. Instead, this plastic waste fills landfills and litters streets, parks, and waterways with much of it eventually finding its way to the ocean. 

Globally, the drive to reduce reliance on single-use plastic, responsibly manage plastic waste, and cut plastic’s carbon footprint is accelerating — thanks in no small part to collaborative industry initiatives such as the Plastics Pact and tougher regulations coming out of the European Union

Oceanworks’ marketplace has made a meaningful dent, by connecting ocean plastic collectors and recyclers with the manufacturers and brands seeking a more sustainable supply. But, by drawing an imaginary line at 50 kilometers from the coast, ocean plastic — specifically ocean-bound plastic — leaves massive amounts of waste plastic out of the equation.

Averted Plastic” encompasses any mismanaged plastic waste. Oceanworks is now expanding its marketplace to include this material — incentivizing local entrepreneurs worldwide to divert all plastic waste into economical recycling programs. Averted plastics marked Oceanworks Guaranteed will meet the same stringent quality and compliance guidelines that brands and manufacturers demand and have come to expect from the marketplace.  

Adding averted plastic to the mix will help achieve the economies of scale needed to provide enough recycled material to meet current and future demand at a competitive price point. With transparency and environmentally responsible practices baked in, brands get a new dependable feedstock while suppliers gain access to new customers. It’s a win-win for everyone — eliminating pollution, creating jobs, further reducing the reliance on virgin plastic resins, and giving brands a powerful marketing message for their products. 

Plastic waste is everywhere; and averted plastic offers a key pillar in a more sustainable, circular economy that protects the environment, reduces inequities, and improves the livelihoods and health of all communities around the world.

To learn more about Oceanworks new averted plastic offerings, please watch our recent webinar.


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