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Prince Ea, Neste Unleash Powerful Indictment of US School System in Latest Video

Renewable diesel and materials producer Neste and spoken word artist Prince Ea have unveiled the latest collaboration in their Pre-order the Future project, this time with a film that focuses on the future of learning. In “The People vs. The School System," Prince Ea presents a powerful case against the current, outdated education system in the U.S., and outlines the importance of alternative and customized models of teaching, and bringing modern methods and technology to classrooms, all of which would enhance children’s education and make learning more relevant and inspiring to today’s world.

“The ways in which we teach children will play a hugely important role in all of our futures. As a company with innovation at its core, Neste is dedicated to supporting and developing learning methods that foster a spirit of creativity,” Neste's SVP of Communications and Brand Marketing, Osmo Kammonen, explains.

“The People vs. The School System” is Neste’s second film made in partnership with Prince Ea, and just the latest example of the spoken word artist’s talent for delivering powerful indictments of some of the world’s biggest problems in an accessible and relatable way. Having risen to fame via a series of hard-hitting, viral YouTube hits including “Why I Think This World Should End,” he began using his reach and rhymes for further good in 2015 when he teamed up with environmental NGO Code REDD; the piece he created to help promote its “Stand for Trees” campaign — “Dear Future Generations: Sorry” — was his most viral yet, scoring 35 million Facebook views and over 231,000 YouTube views in its first two days.

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Prince Ea teamed up with Neste earlier this year to collaborate on the company’s Pre-order the Future project, which is researching how renewable materials can be used to build new kinds of innovative products for the future generations. “Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives,” the first film borne of the collaboration, released in April, engaged people worldwide, garnering over 93 million views and 1 million shares on social media.

In the new video, Prince Ea expresses a vital message about how we can educate and inspire children in ways that support their creativity and individuality. There is no such thing as an untalented child; they all have their own unique abilities. Some children excel in art, others in science: Education should help children to find their respective gifts and nurture their curiosity in ways best suited to their individual needs. For its part, Neste is committed to encouraging this change with its Pre-order the Future product concept called EduCycle — a holographic teaching platform that enables modern and interactive learning.

Meanwhile, in an effort to help the world decouple itself from fossil fuels and change the way products are developed, produced and consumed, Neste has developed a way to produce plastics from renewable sources that are identical in function and durability to conventional, fossil-based plastics. Now, as Neste’s Head of Business Team, New Ventures, Tomi Nyman, detailed yesterday at SB’16 Copenhagen, the company is joining forces with leading brands such as IKEA and supporting them in reducing their dependence on fossil-based materials.


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