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New Philips TLEDs Could Save Offices $55 Billion Worldwide

Royal Philips has introduced a new InstantFit LED T8 that reduces the cost for facility managers replacing fluorescent tube lighting with energy-efficient LED technology, known as LED tube lamps (TLEDs).

Philips estimates that the installed base for fluorescent tube lighting today amounts to 12 billion (lamp) sockets globally. Linear fluorescent tube lighting with instant start ballast is one of the most common types of general lighting used in shops, offices and industrial spaces. If all current fluorescent lighting was replaced by TLED lamps, Philips says it could result in savings of over $55 billion in energy costs — the equivalent of energy generated by 210 medium-sized power plants.

TLEDs use up to 40 percent less energy compared to linear fluorescent tube lighting and require less maintenance due to their long lifetime. Philips' InstantFit LED replacement tube will be available in the first quarter of 2014.

Philips says installers currently must rewire the ballast to replace linear fluorescent tubes with TLEDs because of a wide variety of electronic ballasts that exist in fluorescent tube lamps. The InstantFit LED replacement tube requires no rewiring, as it includes a smart electronic design that is compatible with existing, electronic instant-start ballasts and sockets.

This results in a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to change from fluorescent to TLED lighting — from over 20 minutes per fixture to a matter of seconds —and an equally dramatic reduction in installation costs, Philips says.

''We studied the process for replacing fluorescent tubes with LED technology step by step to tackle those issues that dissuade facility managers and installers from making the switch. We found speed and simplicity were key,'' said Rene van Schooten, CEO of Light Sources and Electronics at Philips Lighting.

The InstantFit breakthrough is a new milestone in Philips' innovation record for the TLED market. In April 2013, Philips announced the creation of the world's most energy-efficient lamp suitable for general lighting, unveiling an LED tube replacement prototype that produces a record 200 lumens per watt of high-quality white light (compared with 100lm/W for fluorescent lighting) without compromising on light quality.

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