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EVRYTHNG, CPG Brands Partner to Take Consumer Guesswork Out of Recycling

EVRYTHNG — the IoT platform that makes every consumer product intelligent, interactive and trackable — is now powering a first-of-its-kind recycling scheme providing CPG brands and retailers with vital insights to consumer recycling habits and behaviors. Launched in Spain in July, the program — which includes participation from industry bodies and local authorities, as well as brands including Carrefour, PepsiCo, Henkel, Unilever and Procter & Gamble — is helping retailers meet their sustainability targets and increase the effectiveness of recycling systems. EVRYTHING says the program ushers in a new era of product digitization to drive circular economy initiatives within the consumer goods industry.

The first app, powered by EVRYTHNG and launched at Carrefour supermarkets in Spain, is called Reciclaya. The app helps customers determine how to recycle individual products and packaging by simply scanning the barcode on their supermarket receipt. More specifically, the app separates products into virtual recycling bins so that customers can place them into the closest corresponding containers.

"As part of our commitment to the environment, we launched Reciclaya in collaboration with EVRYTHNG and Recycl3R," said Maria Quintin, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment at Carrefour Spain. "Our customers can now very quickly and simply determine how to recycle the products they've purchased by scanning the barcode on their receipt."

3 simple steps to right recycling

The app guides consumers through three simple steps:

  • Scan shopping receipts to import purchased products into the app.
  • Sort at home — through the app, consumers can access information on where, when and how to recycle the different parts of each product based on local schemes.
  • Recycle items in street bins or preferred recycling centers. Consumers can earn rewards by registering where they are recycling by scanning or tapping identity tags on recycling units.

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"For the first time, consumers can receive detailed information on how to recycle all products and packaging using a single app, and be rewarded for their participation," said Niall Murphy, co-founder and CEO of EVRYTHNG. "It’s convenient and simple, and through a gamified experience, it drives a new style of behavior."

The technology behind the app

EVRYTHNG gives every product item a unique digital identity, called an Active Digital Identity, which provides brands with item-level tracking and business intelligence throughout the product lifecycle, from sales and distribution to use and disposal.

EVRYTHNG teamed with Recycl3R to transform the way consumer packaged goods are recycled — specifically with connected packaging — making recycling easier, and more transparent.

"Let's face it, recycling is not as easy as it should be," said Recycl3R CEO Iván González. "The recycling scene is fragmented, and regulations are typically not uniform or standard, even within the same region. Brands do not have a unified way of communicating with consumers about how to recycle, making it hard for individuals to engage in the task. Our work with EVRYTHNG is changing this dynamic through a scalable, smart recycling ecosystem."

Scaling the solution

By combining the capabilities of EVRYTHNG's IoT SaaS platform with the recycling information service developed by Recycl3R, brands and retailers can deploy recycling programs at scale, delivering clear recycling information to consumers through smart packaging, and then rewarding socially responsible consumption.

"Brands are looking for creative ways to hit recycling targets," Murphy added. "Our work with Carrefour is among the first deployments at scale, but other brands are jumping on board in real-time."

The work towards a recycling solution for the circular economy has in part been made possible thanks to the TagItSmart research project, for which EVRYTHNG is the Smart Products Platform provider. According to Murphy, following the initial launch with Carrefour in Europe, EVRYTHNG anticipates similar recycling programs to be rolled out worldwide over the next year.

"P&G is delighted to participate in this initiative that encourages recycling and motivates to have a more sustainable lifestyle," said Elio Estevez, Corporate Communication, Scientific Communications and Environmental Sustainability at Procter & Gamble. "Orienting consumers about where to recycle the packaging of the products they buy positively impacts our communities and the environment. We want to promote responsible consumption by helping consumers to be informed and make more sustainable purchasing decisions."


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