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Sony Pictures Television Inviting Viewers to 'Picture' a Better World, Then Help Create It

Picture streets without litter. Picture an urban oasis. Picture a beautiful forest. Picture This.

Such is the goal of Sony Pictures Television Networks, which has decided to put its global reach and services to use to bring viewers' attention to the environmental issues affecting the world and rally their collective power to make a global impact.

"With the reach of our global networks and the passion of our storytelling, our networks will both engage the community and energize people to action by picturing a better environment," said Andy Kaplan, president of worldwide networks for Sony Pictures Television. "Collectively we can make noise heard around the world on behalf of issues that are central to everyone's well-being and do it in an entertaining way."

“Picture This” will include on-air and online elements, events and viewer participation opportunities. Some of the topics include recycling in Russia and Italy; eliminating plastic bag use in Asia; waste disposal in India; saving the rhino in South Africa; urban gardening in Latin America; and deforestation in Romania.

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As Paula Askanas, EVP of communications for Sony Pictures Television, told Marketing Daily, the overall theme — as well as the initiatives highlighted — came from suggestions from the company’s global markets.

“In order to do this in a global way, it’s not as successful or impactful if you push it down from above,” Askanas said. “It was generated by the local channels in the local markets.”

In the U.S., “Picture This” effort focuses on the conservation of the country’s 84 million acres of National Parks. It encourages people to get involved and visit the company’s dedicated site for more information. The PSAs will run on Sony TV networks such as AXN and AXN Black, White, Sci-Fi and Mystery; Sony Channel; Sony One, Movie Channel, Sci-Fi, Turbo, PIX HD and SIX HD; Animax; Canal Sony; Crackle; SET; getTV and CineSony.

The campaign is already gaining traction on social media, prompting participation from celebrities including Wesley Snipes.

“Picture This” echoes the sentiment of Unilever’s Project Sunlight — a global campaign launched in November 2013 aimed at motivating millions to live sustainably. Through the campaign, the consumer goods giant has set out to make sustainable living desirable and achievable by inspiring people to imagine the possibilities of a world where everyone lives well, within the natural limits of the planet.


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