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AB InBev Brews Up New Sustainability Goals, Innovation Accelerator to Tackle Global Challenges

Having achieved all of its previous sustainability goals over the past decade, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) is hitting refresh on its sustainability goals, announcing a new set of 2025 targets for smart agriculture, water stewardship, circular packaging and climate action.

By 2025, the brewer aims to have 100 percent of its farmers be skilled, connected and financially empowered; 100 percent of its communities in high-stress areas have measurably improved water availability and quality; 100 percent of its products be in packaging that is returnable or made mainly from recycled content; and all of its purchased electricity derived from renewable sources. AB InBev has also set a science-based goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 25 percent across the value chain.

“We know we cannot accomplish our comprehensive sustainability goals alone. As a global brewer operating in more than 50 countries, we are excited to draw on our entrepreneurial spirit and to collaborate with governments, NGO partners, universities and innovators to tackle some of the world’s most important challenges,” said Tony Milikin, Chief Sustainability & Procurement Officer at AB InBEv.

Powered by ZX Ventures, the Accelerator aims to solve 100+ challenges by 2025. It will run annual boot camps in nine markets across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, followed by a 10-week program in New York City for select entrepreneurs to test and scale solutions. The first set of challenges will be announced in June.

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“Our dream is to bring people together for a better world, which is why we are committed to supporting a healthy environment and strong communities. Climate change is the most pressing issue confronting our planet and could impact the natural resources we rely on to brew our high-quality beers. More than ever, we see an opportunity to use sustainability as a catalyst for innovation,” said Carlos Brito, CEO of AB InBev. “Our 2025 Sustainability Goals and 100+ Accelerator will complement each other, providing solutions for environmental and social challenges so we can build a company to last for the next 100+ years.”

Early last year, the company committed to securing 100 percent of its brewer’s purchased electricity from renewables by 2025. In January, AB InBev achieved this goal in the US with its Budweiser label. At the same time, it launched a renewable electricity label for its products brewed with 100 percent clean


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