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Play Through Heineken’s Sustainability Highlights from Ship to Concert in Its New Online Game

Heineken released its 2015 sustainability report back in April, along with a ‘Frank’ distillation video featuring Dutch rapper and vocal artist Kevin “Blaxtar” de Rendamie. This week, Heineken USA launched another unique engagement experiment to share its sustainability highlights: a first-of-its-kind interactive online experience. The brewer is inviting people to “immerse” themselves in a series of mini games while learning about Heineken USA’s progress, milestones and achievements throughout 2015.

The Brewing a Better World Digital Experience includes three levels, where users “are faced with the challenge of balancing their will to compete with taking care of the world.” They must steer a ship efficiently to reduce emissions, recycle empty bottles and cans in a bar, and make the rounds at a music festival while staying hydrated before safely taking a cab home.

The games tie into some of Heineken USA’s 2015 highlight achievements, including reducing carbon emissions per hectolitre traded by 8.7 percent since 2010, becoming the first brewer to join The Recycling Partnership, and promoting safe rides home by offering over 100,000 rides throughout the year. Short statements related to these achievements are presented to the user upon the completion of each level, with the option to read more about Heineken’s related efforts.

“Sustainability is a top business priority for Heineken globally and here in the USA, so we are thrilled to launch this industry-first digital experience that shares our 2015 sustainability highlights in a unique way,” said Tara Rush, Heineken USA’s Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Relations Officer. “At Heineken USA, we are known for our portfolio of premium beer and cider, as well as creating legendary experiences. Our consumers and industry stakeholders also look to us to deliver new and exciting initiatives in the sustainability and responsibility space.”

The brewer is tracking engagement – the more users interact with the experience, the more Heineken USA will donate. With a target of 1,000 users, the company promises up to $50,000 to the Closed Loop Foundation, an organization that researches and provides funding for cities, organizations and businesses that are working to improve the economic and environmental impact of the circular economy through recycling infrastructure, food waste solutions, and more.