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Unilever Brings Sustainable Beauty to the Masses with Love Beauty and Planet Line

Just one month after the launch of its new natural personal care product line ApotheCARE Essentials, Unilever has rolled out yet another responsible beauty brand: Love Beauty and Planet. And it’s kind of a big deal — unlike ApotheCARE Essentials, which has a limited distribution, LBP is being launched on a large scale. The line will be made available in supermarkets, e-commerce, drugstores and major retailers, as well as smaller natural goods stores, in effort to inspire consumers to integrate sustainability into their personal care routines.

The new line, which was developed in just under a year, is positioning Unilever to compete in a market that is dominated by independent boutique brands. The target audience? Millennials, of course — a consumer group that has repeatedly demonstrated its preference for brands committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

LBP’s colorful recyclable packaging is made from 100 percent recyclable materials, right down to the labels. This alone is a considerable achievement, but it’s just one of the many elements that embodies Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan. All of the fragrance ingredients used in the products are cruelty-free, vegan and ethically sourced by Giyaudan, a Swiss manufacturer of flavors, fragrances and cosmetic ingredients that focuses on responsible sourcing and supporting local communities. Love Beauty and Planet’s products are also formulated without parabens, silicones or dyes.

“Many people know that showering requires a lot of water,” Matthew Seal, research and development partner for Love Beauty and Planet, told POPSugar. “It is not difficult to reduce shower time, but to do so while not sacrificing the benefits you get from conditioner is what makes this technology so revolutionary. Our patent-pending, fast-rinse technology can help you save water, while also delivering all the desired beauty benefits you’ve come to expect from a conditioner.”

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Additionally, AdAge has revealed that Unilever is paying a self-imposed tax to offset the carbon footprint associated with LBP’s production.

“Our philosophy is that we will obviously not change the world overnight, so we are working towards small acts, which together with our consumers over a period of time will make a big impact on the planet we live in,” said Piyush Jain, VP of haircare at Unilever.

Love Beauty and Planet, which is slated to launch next month, is comprised of 18 haircare products, including styling products and dry shampoo, and eight skincare products broken down into six collections targeting specific concerns. All of the products in the line will retail for less than Unilever’s ApotheCARE line, running from $3 to $9. With its low price tag and mass distribution, Unilever expects the brand to make a major impact.

But don’t expect to see ad spots for LBP on your TV — Unilever has said that it will forgo television advertising for this particular product line, a calculated move made with its target audience in mind.

“The consumer we are targeting actually wants to have a sense of discovery and find it for herself,” Jain said.


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